VIDEO: Abortion activists disrupt pro-life conference at University of Pittsburgh

Investigation in progress to find the culprits

Officials at the University of Pittsburgh are looking for a group of abortion activists who hosted a conference on fetal tissue research hosted by a group of pro-life students. The investigation is still ongoing as of November 24.

“We are aware of this incident,” said a spokesperson for Pitt. The College’s solution November 14. “At the time of this incident, police from Pitt were requested to attend the scene, although the disruptive party left the event before the police arrived.”

The same spokesperson said The fix there had been no further updates as of November 18.

“We are committed to providing open dialogue and opportunities for freedom of expression at the University as well as opportunities for peaceful protests,” the spokesperson said. The fix November 14.

“The actions described by the protesters in the video do not align with our guidelines and policies for protests on campus. We are looking to identify disruptive people for next steps via the student code of conduct or referral to Pitt Police, ”the spokesperson said.

The fix shared videos taken during the November 8 event on the university’s campus at its O’Hara student center. Lucia Hunt, a student at Franciscan University of Steubenville, hosted a conference on trafficking in fetal tissue as part of her scholarship with Students for Life of America.

During the event, 15-20 people, suspected of being Pitt students because they would need a university ID to enter, took over, interrupting the presentation with banners and posters. loud chants, and refusing to let the event continue.

They tore up the speaker’s notes and event schedules and snatched the microphone from the presenter’s hands after she asked them to leave.

Students chant “We demand justice”

The event included Professor Patrick Lee of Franciscan University, Justin Butterfield, former health and social services advisor on religious freedom, and Tina Whittington, SFLA executive.

It was during Butterfield’s presentation that abortion activists stood in unison and marched to the fore, waving banners with pro-abortion messages and chanting phrases such as “Les workers give them hell, it’s good to rebel! “,” We demand justice! “And” Abortion is health! “

At this point, Hunt, the student organizer, confronted the students and asked them what they were trying to accomplish.

“They weren’t protesting anything that had to do with the conference,” Steubenville freshman said The fix during an in-person interview. “I demand justice for unborn babies,” Hunt told them, responding to chants from justice activists.

“At this point they started to get more violent, so as a last resort I did the one and only thing that I can do right is pray,” she said.

“I grabbed a mic and prayed a Hail Mary and a Saint Michael [the Archangel] prayer twice and God really used his power through those prayers and they ended up leaving after that, ”Hunt said.

“My prayers are with them, but I will continue to fight for the unborn child,” Hunt said. The College’s solution. “These protesters don’t need to face charges, but what they do face is a divine revelation that what they are defending is false.”

When asked what she would say to young people like her who want to get involved in the pro-life movement but fear backlash, Hunt said these students should “understand first that God is with them “.

“Knowing that the Lord is with you as you fight this battle should be enough to comfort you,” she said.

“But not everyone is pro-life,” she said, “so I would add that you should educate yourself on why exactly you are pro-life so that you have this fire kindled under your feet, because when you have that fire and you have that passion to lean on, that’s what’s going to propel you forward as a pro-life person.

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Editor’s Note: The author is an intern at Students for Life of America

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