Unleash Your Glory With TEDxGoldenBridge’s “The Unplugged: Season 2”


August 9: TEDxGoldenBridge’s incredibly zealous initiative, “The Unplugged: Season 2” gives budding artists a phenomenal public platform to help them unleash their inner splendor.

Many artists never take the long road because of the lack of opportunities. They give up their artistic interests because they never get the right platform to showcase their artistic qualities. The influence of such disheartening situations appeases their curiosity for art once and for all. But TEDxGoldenBridge’s thoughtful initiative, “The Unplugged: Season 2” provides an exceptional platform for artists who want to gain exposure.

TEDxGoldenBridge’s significant initiative, “The Unplugged: Season 2” is a bare platform that allows artists to be themselves on stage. The platform inspires talented artists to come out of their shell. He persuades artists to get ahead of the game and let the world witness their strengths and unfiltered skills. The platform is not only a stage for artists but it also aims to make artists emerge within their audience.

TEDxGoldenBridge is a strong believer in the idea of ​​inspiration. They cling to the belief that “The greatest inspiration comes from within”. This is the crucial reason why they aspire to create a platform by artists, for artists. The pioneering event organization has always helped budding artists by equipping them with wings to fly.

All artists need the right stage to express themselves in one way or another. Mr. Harsh Thakkar, The Unplugged event organizer shares, “A true artist is always someone who brings their artistic skills to bear rather than consuming someone else’s. When you learn how to do this, whatever you create will become a work of art.

The Unplugged event is dedicated to artists and their creativity. The event aims to enable people to share their inner thoughts to make a lasting impact. It helps individuals grow through experience. It allows them to disconnect from their worries, anxiety, and anything that keeps them from doing their best.

The platform wholeheartedly invites all kinds of talented artists with limitless capabilities in music, dance, stand-up, monologue, poetry, and storytelling. The event will begin on Saturday August 14, 2021 from 4:30 p.m. at PD Shroff Hall, MI Patel Rotary Youth Center, Bharuch. All artists present at the event are finalized on a formal basis by their Artist Relations team.

TEDxGoldenBridge has always believed in doing things your own way. They have always been fascinated by new ideas and variety. This is why they created “The Unplugged: Season 2” after the immense success of their season 1.

Mr. Harsh Thakkar is the organizer of TEDxGoldenBridge’s “The Unplugged: Season 2” event. Mr. Nirav Joshi is the co-organizer of this extraordinary event. Ms. Sahaj Tyagi will lead the event and Mr. Mann Thaker is the co-chair of the event.

TEDxGoldenBridge’s “The Unplugged: Season 2” is sure to be a life-changing event for most artists and future artists as they discover their glory.

Learn more about TEDxGoldenBridge’s “The Unplugged: Season 2” and book tickets for the event through the following link mentioned below:

Event link: https://instagram.com/tedxgoldenbridge

Ticket booking link: https://insider.in/the-unplugged-season-2–aug14-2021/event

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