Tucson Opinion: Congress is Broken; better pay their employees would help | Local editorials and opinions


However, several important reforms still require action, one of which we believe is critical to the continued success of our democracy: recruiting, developing and retaining top-notch congressional staff.

Congress assistants are valued members of the institution, and the 117th Congress provides another opportunity to treat them as such. The select committee was asked to continue its efforts under the pragmatic and reformist leadership of Representatives Derek Kilmer, D-Wash., And William Timmons, RS.C., and will consider this issue in particular.

No matter what you do for a living, you understand that organizational success begins with the team around you. From our experience, we know that congressional assistants are what keep the Capitol running. They work an average of 60 hours per week, often late at night and on weekends. They help representatives understand the complex issues they vote on, stay in touch with their constituents, and maximize their productivity in Washington, DC and their districts.

These employees are truly a cross section of the best and brightest in this country, but they earn a fraction of what their peers earn in the private sector and have less favorable benefits. Even more disturbing, 3% of staff earn less than $ 30,000 per year, well below the poverty line.

In a city where the cost of living is one of the highest in the country, the salary alone often sidelines many potential employees, especially those from under-represented backgrounds, whose voices are needed. to help develop forward-thinking policies that move this country in the right direction.


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