The Wallflowers headlining Down by Downtown | The music

Drive it to Elmwood Park with a beacon for this year’s Down by Downtown headliner.

The Wallflowers – Jakob Dylan’s band who had hits in the 1990s with “One Headlight”, “The Difference”, “6th Avenue Heartache” and a cover of “Heroes” – will take the stage on April 16 to punctuate the Blue Ridge Marathon this Saturday, according to a press release from event organizer Roanoke Outside Foundation.

It’s not all old stuff for The Wallflowers. Dylan, son of Bob Dylan, and his band recently released the album “Exit Wounds”.

“The festival was founded as a way for venues to work together to shine a light on the Roanoke music scene, and by shining that light, make it something special,” said Roanoke’s outdoor events manager. , Kait Pedigo, in the press release. She added that “the sites work together, Freedom First champions the event, Berglund [Center] is involved, and we have a big act like the Wallflowers. All that’s left for the Roanokers is to come out and show that having a live music culture is important to them.”

Down by Downtown will take place April 14-17 in Elmwood and downtown venues Martin’s Downtown, Big Lick Brewing Co., Three Notch’d Brewing Co., Starr Hill Pilot Brewery and Side Stage, Twisted Track Brewpub, Sweet Donkey Coffee House, The Spot on Kirk, Fork in the Market, Jefferson Center and 5 Points Music Sanctuary.

Also on the long weekend, The Nth Power, with Jonathan Scales Fourchestra (April 14, 5 Points), Wilson Springs Hotel (April 16, Martin’s), Joel Ross Good Vibes (April 14, Jefferson Center’s Fostek Hall) , Lady Couch (April 15, Martin’s), Charissa Joy & The High Frequency (April 15, Sweet Donkey) and Jordan Harman Band (April 17, Starr Hill).