The secret to an extraordinary party

LOS ANGELES, Calif./ACCESSWIRE/November 11, 2022/ We welcome November with buzzing anticipation for the upcoming holiday season, where celebrations and parties fill our schedules. This succession of gatherings can cause some to merge with each other. But an element of surprise is what sets a party apart—an unexpected experience—usually accomplished with performances, theme parties, and perhaps a dance floor. What better way to bring drama and surprise to any event than magic?

When it comes to enhancing every guest’s party experience, the expert bartenders at Magic and Cocktails have more tricks up their sleeves. As the name suggests, Magic and Cocktails incorporates magical performance into the bartender. It elevates any event with its custom cocktails, smoke bubble garnishes, and a full magic show. The bar is not just a service area with them at the event. Instead, it becomes a second stage. The extra punch offered by its refreshing cocktails and thrilling performances makes any event unforgettable.

Making waves in the Hollywood Hills and beyond, Magic and Cocktails has served up big-name celebrity parties. No stranger to the demands and expectations of such high-profile clients, Magic and Cocktails has left a big impression and built up an excellent beverage portfolio over its years in the business. It consistently satisfies such an elite list of customers due to its high standards in every performance and drink it offers. In this industry, experience and consistency set a brand apart from others. Magic and Cocktails achieves this by having only the best and most professional performers and bartenders to represent the brand, ensuring customers have a breathtaking and unforgettable experience every time.

Not resting on its laurels after a successful event, Magic and Cocktails is constantly changing things up with new signature cocktails and never-before-seen magic tools that are sure to amaze guests. It hosts a wide range of events, day and night. Each package available to customers comes with different inclusions that will meet their needs. The brand also has a reputation for seamlessly integrating the theme and mood of any event they are working on into their drinks and performances. The team served their delicious cocktails in glass swans, blood bags and blaster pistols. They also make displays with a rotating stand, dry ice, and smoke everywhere, showing versatility that allows any event planner to get their money’s worth.

Magic and Cocktails is Southern California’s first and only magic and bartending service. Such a unique business venture is a proud idea of ​​Marcos Garcia, whose passion is to make people laugh and have a good time. He shares, “Magic and cocktails are the perfect combo to enjoy an amazing night you’ll remember for a lifetime.” Marcos hopes to advance his business so that more people across the country can take advantage of the fantastic and magical services they offer.

Events are starting to line up this holiday season, with each trying to be more memorable than the other. Offering a unique service that will surely add spice to any gathering, Magic and Cocktails should expect their phones to ring nonstop as they single-handedly elevate the Southern California party scene with their one-of-a-kind offer.


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