Smriti Irani sends legal opinion to Congress over remarks about her 18-year-old daughter

Union Minister Smriti Irani on Sunday sent legal notice to the Indian National Congress party and its leaders for remarks about her 18-year-old daughter and asked them to issue an unconditional written apology and withdraw the allegations with immediate effect.

The big old party alleged that Irani’s daughter was running an illegal bar in Goa. However, the BJP leader refuted the allegation and claimed the ‘malicious’ charge was brought at the behest of the Gandhi family due to her voice in the National Herald money laundering case and swore to retaliate.

The notice served was served on Congress leaders Pawan Khera, Jairam Ramesh, Netta D’Souza and the party. He alleged that the people mentioned had launched a series of scathing and belligerent personal attacks against Irani and his family “based on a series of blatant lies and gross misrepresentations” to slander, defame and damage their reputations.

The document also claimed that Zoish Irani was involved in the “management” of a bar in Goa. “She has never applied for a license to run a bar or for a business venture. Moreover, she has not received any show cause notice from the Excise Department of Goa till date,” Irani added.

The notice alleged that the Congressional allegations against Irani’s daughter were part of a “wider conspiracy” to garner political profit by causing a stir with falsehoods, misrepresentations and false accounts.

The BJP leader demanded an unconditional and unequivocal written apology from Congress leaders and the unconditional removal of all false information from social media platforms.

Civil and criminal proceedings will be initiated in the event of inaction on the above-mentioned points, specifies the opinion.

Cong attacks Irani over Goa bar; The Union minister strikes back

Congress on Saturday called on the Center to sack Union Minister Smriti Irani, alleging her daughter was running an illegal bar in Goa. Congress Spokesman Pawan Khera, its General Secretary Jairam Ramesh and its Goa leader Amit Patkar made the allegations during press conferences in Delhi and Panaji, targeting Irani and his family.

In response, Irani said his 18-year-old daughter is a freshman and doesn’t run a bar. “My daughter’s fault is that her mother is holding a press conference on the spoils of Rs 5,000 cr by Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. Her fault is that her mother fought against Rahul Gandhi in the polls of 2014 and 2019 at Lok Sabha,” the MP said, apparently. referring to the National Herald case.