RI Governor, Congressional Candidates Run Abortion Rights Ads

PROVIDENCE – Abortion politics took center stage Rhode Island running for governor and Congresswith accusations, counter-accusations and dueling advertisements.

In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court reversal of Roe v. Wade and actions taken by states across the country to severely limit or ban abortions, Governor Dan McKee and congressional candidate Seth Magaziner denounce their Republican opponents as extremists.

Both Democrats clearly believe their support for abortion rights is a winning issue for them among potential Nov. 8 voters, especially women.

Democrat McKee aired Thursday with an ad warning that challenger Ashley Kalus is an “out of touch” Republican who would roll back the clock on abortion rights in Rhode Island.

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In the blink of an eye, Kalus responded with a spot lambasting what she called McKee’s “obviously false advertising.”

How gubernatorial candidates’ abortion-related announcements went

In his first attack ad since winning the Democratic primary, McKee seized on Kalus’ recent statements regarding his “pro-life” stance on abortion from WPRI’s “Newsmakers” and the “Political Roundtable” on The Public’s Radio. The 30 second spot begins:

Governor Dan McKee

Narrator: “Roe v. Wade is gone. But Governor Dan McKee protects abortion rights in Rhode Island.”

TV news: “An executive order by Dan McKee to protect abortion providers and women seeking out-of-state abortions.”

Narrator: “Republican Ashley Kalus would take us back.”

Voice of Kalus: “I’m pro-life… I, you know, I’m pro-life… No, I’m pro-life.”

Narrator: “And if she continues to follow the example of her idols Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, as governor she would limit access to abortion in Rhode Island. ‘a woman.”

In response, the Kalus campaign claimed: she was “clear from the start – abortion rights were codified in Rhode Island in 2019, and she will do nothing to weaken those protections for women.”

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“The vast majority of Rhode Islanders supported this law, who rejected extreme positions on both sides of this deeply personal issue,” she says in a new YouTube spot. “Dan McKee knows… so why is he lying?

“It’s because he’s a desperate career politician who’s afraid of losing,” she says.

Based on this, she said, “McKee’s new attack ad is baseless, unfactual and filled with outright lies. Dan is clearly becoming desperate.”

Kalus responds to questions on the position of abortion

With abortion rights protected in Rhode Island as a result of a law passed by the legislature – and enacted by the government of the day. Gina Raimondo in 2019 – there are two current talking points:

Does Kalus veto a state budget that included funds to cover abortions sought by public officials and Medicaid recipients?

Ashley Kalus

Would she revoke McKee’s order protecting healthcare workers here who perform abortions on women from states that ban abortion?

Specifically, McKee ordered state agencies not to cooperate with investigations launched by other states in Rhode Island that help someone get an abortion.

Kalus responded to the first question by telling WPRI, “I’m pro-life.”

Executive Decree :Rhode Islanders who help someone from out of state get an abortion are now protected

On Thursday, when asked by WPRO’s Tara Granahan if she would revoke McKee’s executive order, Kalus said no.

Her campaign also delivered her statement the day McKee signed the order in which, she said, it mirrored an order “already signed by Republican Gov. Charlie Baker.” [that] protects patients and providers from potential legal battles with other jurisdictions.

“I support the sovereignty of our state and respect the intimate relationship that exists between doctors and patients,” she said.

On WPRO radio, she attacked McKee’s ad as an attempt to distract from her own record, including her “off-line” awarding of bonuses to state employees.

Magaziner and Fung fight for national abortion ban

Meanwhile, in the race to replace Rep. Jim Langevin in Congress, Democrat Magazine also hammered Republican Allan Fung on abortion, saying he supports a national abortion ban.

‘If Fung and the Republicans return to power, they will ban abortions in every state, even Rhode Island,’ says a series of women on camera in the Magaziner ad that launched on Wednesday. “If my daughter needed an abortion, Allan Fung would let the states make it a crime and then lock me up in jail.”

Seth Magazine

Magaziner points to Fung’s opposition to Rhode Island’s 2019 law protecting the right to abortion in the state and the GOP’s National Abortion Policy as evidence that Fung supports a nationwide ban on abortion, even if the former mayor of Cranston says he doesn’t.

“While Seth and his extreme radical friends argue for late elective abortions, he is so desperately afraid to discuss Pelosi Biden’s failed economic record that he embraces that he must lie about Allan to sow the seeds of confusion. scared when we all know Allan Fong is totally opposed to the bans,” Fung spokesperson Steven Paiva said in a statement on the announcement.

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Fung has previously said he would support allowing abortions in cases of rape or incest, and if the mother’s health is in danger, but would ban “late abortions”.

Allan Fong

Fung did not specify when he considers a “late” abortion and until Thursday he had not taken a position on any specific legislation in Congress.

On Thursday afternoon, Paiva said Fung would “support” a bill sponsored by Republican Sens senators. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski and Democratic Senator Tim Kaine,” which would prohibit states from banning access to abortion before “fetal viability,” which is usually around 24 weeks.

“Allan Fung has been abundantly clear…that he opposes the nationwide abortion ban,” Paiva wrote. “In fact, the [Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee] even acknowledges this by transcribing it for their SUPER PAC commercial. He would oppose it.”

Fung did not say whether he would vote for the 15-week abortion ban introduced by Senator Lindsey Graham this year.