Register Now – The 22nd World Congress on Qigong/Tai Chi/Traditional Chinese Medicine/Natural Healing

The 22nd World Congress of Qigong/Tai Chi/Traditional Chinese Medicine/Natural Medicine (September 24-27, 2022)

“Building a community!” Healing Mind, Spirit and Body through Complementary and Integrative Health” is the theme of the 22nd World Congress on Qigong/Tai Chi/Traditional Chinese Medicine/Natural Healing. Click here to Website and Program

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Join an international alliance of renowned health experts, researchers, icons, policy makers, influencers, global leaders, public and private organizations who are all dedicated to taking an integrated and revolutionary approach to healing the mind, spirit and body through Complementarity and Integrative Health.

Sponsors of this global conference are East West Academy of Healing Arts (EWAHA), Akamai University, Global Dragon TV, Energy Medicine Partnerships and Global Healing Alliance. Established in 1973, EWAHA has successfully organized the Congress for over 20 years.

With a focus on integrative practice through health education and research, the Congress will feature expert presentations on the following topics:

  • Qigong / Tai Chi / Traditional Chinese Medicine / Natural Medicine
  • Chronic Conditions, Immunity & COVID
  • Mental health support and assistance for children, adolescents and adults
  • Soldiers and their families
  • Spiritual Mystical Experience – Multidimensional Consciousness

The Congress is open to ALL healthcare professionals and the public as we work and learn together to build a healthier community here and around the world.

Over 100 renowned and prestigious presenters include the following:

Dr. Terry Shintani, MD, nutritionist. Listed as one of Hawaii’s 50 Most Important Citizens.

Dr. Steven Rosenblatt, MD, premier integrative health acupuncturist, NCCAOM board member, and author.

Dr John Mattison, MD, Arsenal Operating Partner and Director of Medical Information.

Grandmaster Tu Jin-Sheng, a world-renowned grandmaster of Qigong and Chinese medicine. He is recognized as a professor in medical societies in Taiwan, Japan, Canada and the United States, and

Group of monks from the world-renowned Shaolin Temple of Grandmaster Shi Yanran in San Francisco… acrobats and resistant to swords, spears and other instruments

Akamai University’s leading complementary integrative health experts, including PhD students, connect innovative research across multiple countries that is aimed at reshaping health and natural healing.

On Sunday, September 25 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Pacific, producer/director Sharron Rose and associate producers Dame Rev. Dr. Ama Lia Wai Ching and Dr. Roger Jahnke, Dame Dr. Effie Chow will present exercises, panel discussions, music, trailers. and more from the cast and friends of the Quantum Qi series. Panels include: Qigong and the Quantum Field, Wei Qi and the Art of Energy Protection, Nature and Dao and Integrated Healing.

The Quantum Qi Series is designed to play a valuable role in the world of health and wellness by bringing the power of Qigong, Tai Chi, martial arts, acupuncture and Taoist philosophy to audiences around the world. whole world. The wisdom shared in these ancient techniques for self-healing, energy protection, sexual vitality, longevity, optimal health and inner peace, gives this series the potential to be extremely beneficial to us all.

For more information, please contact Quantum Qi by email: [email protected]

The media sponsors are: Global Dragon TV & TC Media, Intl. The conference will be broadcast live on the YouTube platform.

The ultimate goal of Congress is to educate and heal more people in need in EVERY community around the world with Integrative Health.

The organizing committee has the privilege of inviting ALL healthcare professionals and experts to attend this historic Congress.

The general public is also invited to learn from top medical and health experts around the world. An estimated 75,000 online viewers attended the 21st Congress. Watch live coverage of Congress, click here:

Event sponsorships are handled by Global Healing Alliance. For more information, please call 919-808-8596, or email: ​[email protected]Application opportunities for CEUs – Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate at the CIH/CAM are managed by Akamai UniversityContinuing Education Units (Apply here)


You are invited to apply for the prestigious Achievement and Appreciation Award given in recognition of the achievements of nominees and nominee organizations that have made outstanding contributions to revolutionizing health care. (Request for nomination here)

We expect a large global audience. last year 21st The World Congress attracted nearly 100 medical experts and presenters from over 30 countries. The number of people watching the conference online reached over 75,000, both domestically and internationally. Over 400 major US media outlets have reported Congress, and the outlets are reporting over 500,000 page views!

The lives of millions of people around the world are threatened by this pandemic. We implore the world: “Let’s act NOW, use ALL healing modalities to heal our communities!” Find out how you, your family, friends and co-workers can use natural healing to get healthy and fight COVID. Your support and participation is key to the success of our community health around the world!

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