Pickleball tournament a big hit with locals and visitors alike – The Coastland Times

The OBX Pickleball Group recently held their first Dare tournament at the county tennis facilities in Kill Devil Hills. The event drew 90 players – both men and women – from as far away as South Dakota and Florida, according to event organizers. Many locals participated in their first organized pickleball event. Others who came from central and western North Carolina as well as Virginia Beach.

Some players won their first medals in a round-robin format. Teams played up to seven matches against each opponent in the 10 brackets consisting of men’s and women’s groups on the first day and mixed doubles were played the following day.

The OBX Pickleball Group, with its network of volunteers, transformed the four tennis courts into 10 pickleball courts which saw over 200 matches played during the two-day event. Players were treated to a raffle-style giveaway of 25 donations from numerous local businesses.

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“Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America and it’s growing here in Dare County,” an event organizer said. “It was great to see all the smiling faces as there were lots of comments about how the tournament went and stayed on time.”

Local businesses also provided food and water.

Scott Garber, president of OBX Pickleball Group, said more pickleball events are planned for the fall to benefit local hotel and restaurant businesses. “It’s a win-win when we host a tournament for our local players to compete against higher level players and it attracts travelers to come to OBX and spend money in our local economy.”

For more information about the group, visit facebook.com/groups/759772638205728.

The tournament winners were:

Men 3.0 50+ – Peter Erickson/Dave Pureza 1stReid Zobel/Scott Murphy 2n/aRick Pureza/Bret Burgess 3rd

Men 3.5 40+ – Richare Delugo/James Lauder 1stShannon Epps/Craig Joines 2n/aMorgan Stark/Gunn Unoppet 3rd

Women 3.0 19-64 – Dianna Plippo/Ramona Waltermeyer 1stLori O’connor / Holly Sleph 2n/aAbbie Joines/Mimi Petry 3rd

Women 3.0 65+ – Terri Sawyer/Anna Miller 1stPriscilla Cahoon/Pamela Evans 2n/aMarinene Dubresson/Ann Carey 3rd

Women 3.5 19+ – Kate Heggie/Tara Salch 1stAnn Wellham/Cayce Patterson 2n/aCandice Moore/Julie Stark 3rd

Mixed doubles 3.0 59-under – Miki Wallace/Reid Zobel 1stDebbie and Johnny Fortenberry 2n/aDiana Flippo/Rick Pureze 3rd

Mixed Doubles 3.0 60-64 – NiNi Petry/Mike Heider 1stRamona Waltemeyer/Chuck Wakefield 2n/aJoan and Duke Rollins 3rd

Mixed doubles 65+ – Cynthia and Peter Erickson 1stPriscilla and Jack Cahoon 2n/aMarianne Dubresson/Jay Lamb 3rd

Mixed Doubles 3.5 19-49 – Kate Heggie/Tomasz Buchta 1stCandice and Jack Moore 2n/aCayce Patterson/Randy Jones 3rd

Mixed doubles 3.5 50+ – Laurie Coyne/James Lauder 1stJulie and Morgan Stark 2n/aSusan and Charles Voigt 3rd