Peltola would make Alaskans proud in Congress

By Loki GaleTobin

Updated: 8 hours ago Published: 8 hours ago

Regardless of who wins the recent special general election, in November, Alaskans will once again be asked to choose between a few very different candidates for our only seat in the United States House of Representatives. I know who I choose. I vote for Mary Peltola.

Mary represents a better tomorrow for every Alaskan. It represents civility, decorum and thoughtfulness. She is a champion of justice and fairness. Mary is an advocate for women’s reproductive rights, often speaking out about her unwavering belief in women’s right to privacy. In many states where politicians advocate harsh restrictions on women’s rights, I know Mary will fight tooth and nail for my right to make decisions about my own body.

Mary is from rural Alaska, where she worked and lived, fighting for the rights of all Alaskans. As a state legislator, Mary championed tax support for schools and treatment for substance use disorders. While in Juneau, she reinvigorated the nonpartisan Bush Caucus and brought needed attention to many of the same struggles rural Alaskans continue to face. As a legislator, Mary worked across party lines, exemplifying what it means to treat others with civility and grace.

As a tribal fisheries executive, Mary has worked diligently for inclusive fisheries management. She is a strong advocate for food security and subsistence fishing in Alaska, in addition to recognizing the critical importance that climate change has on our local communities.

Without comparison, Mary is the most qualified candidate for US House, and her experience and expertise on a variety of issues facing Alaskans is unparalleled. More importantly, his professional background and skills are not the only tools in his proverbial toolbox.

Born and raised in this state, Mary represents something that no other candidate on the August 16 ballot can claim. As a member of the BIPOC – Black, Indigenous, People of Color – community, Mary understands the lived experiences of many Alaskans, including myself. She understands the nuances and dynamics of life in rural and urban communities. Her experience and personal knowledge of traditional ecological knowledge, the impacts of climate change, her understanding of commercial and subsistence fishing, and the challenges of raising a family in Alaska make her the top candidate for the State House of Representatives. -United.

Every Alaskan has a reason to be excited about Mary. We now have the opportunity to elect the first Alaskan native to represent our state in the United States House. Over the past few months, we’ve all been introduced to Mary and now know how she will fight to reduce inflation, invest in healthcare, and fight climate change with clean energy.

She is an inspiring candidate who represents the best of who we are as Alaskans. We would do well to elect Mary Peltola to Congress.

Loki GaleTobin is a former Alaska Legislature staffer who is running for Alaska Senate District I. She lives in Anchorage.

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