Patient without discovered gallbladder, congress case – Medicine

He had no gall bladder, an “absence” perfectly camouflaged by a segment of the colon that took its place. The case of the patient without gallbladder was proposed and illustrated to the expert council of the European Association of Endoscopic Surgery which selected him for the 17th World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery held in Barcelona. The case was discovered by surgeons at Lanciano (Chieti) hospital, who underwent laparoscopic exploration of an eighty-year-old patient treated for colic after being previously diagnosed with stones in a Other institution. The discovery was made in the operating room by Federico Selvaggi and Simone Di Russo, who thus verified that it was a rare clinical condition, usually asymptomatic, known as agenesis of the gallbladder.

“The incidence rate of this malformation due to the absence of a gallbladder is very low, between 0.01% and 0.04%. The preoperative diagnosis is very difficult and the ultrasound examination of the abdomen, indicated as a first-level study, has low sensitivity – say the two surgeons – In our case the ultrasound examination wrongly identified a portion of the gallbladder as the gallbladder. transverse colon which had adhered to the hepatic bed. The diagnosis of vesicular agenesis is most often reached during surgical exploration. Also in our case, thanks to the minimally invasive techniques of exploratory laparoscopy, it was possible to diagnose agenesis of the gallbladder, avoiding complications affecting the bile ducts ”.

In Barcelona, ​​the case of the patient without gallbladder was illustrated by Selvaggi with Massimiliano Cinalli from the University “D’Annunzio” who contributed to the work, presented in the session “best videos” with the title “Agenesis of the gallbladder with dysmorphic cyst: a laparoscopic diagnostic challenge. ”(MANIPULATE).