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Anyone who has ever thrown a party knows this moment. Invitations have been sent. The food is prepared. The place is arranged and the only thing the planners have to do is fidget and fiddle and wait and wonder, “Are people going to come?”

The 150th anniversary of the city of Orange is just over a week away and, like any good host, the party organizers have taken care of most of the details. good time.

“I hope the townspeople will enjoy a day of celebration for their town. Everyone likes to have fun and [June 11] will be a day that has something planned to appeal to all interests,” said Orange Mayor Martha Roby.

To celebrate its 1872 charter, the city of Orange has a day filled with activities and events scheduled for Saturday June 11th. The day’s celebration begins at 8:30 a.m. with a 5K that will begin at Orange Station, loop through the city and finish at Taylor Park, which will serve as the hub of the day’s activities.

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Organizer Galen Greenlaw, of OEI Events, said there is still room for more 5K participants – whether serious runners, casual participants, children to fill the race fun of 1K or anyone looking to get into the historical spirit of things by donning period clothing and ‘running like James and Dolley’ with the goal of claiming the best costume award, instead of any kind of prize of time.

Those interested should register online at the town’s 150th anniversary website by Sunday, June 5. Participants will receive a race t-shirt and medal commemorating the race.

The race kicks off the day’s events, which will be centered in the parking lot behind Taylor Park. Greenlaw said the rear of the park facing the parking area will serve as the stage for the event, with food and drink vendors, artisans and activities located in the parking area adjacent to the bypass. road 15.

Parking will be available throughout downtown as no streets are closed during the event, and a shuttle will run regularly between the Orange County High School overflow parking lot and the event site.

Although the final timeline is not fully set, once the race is over, the city’s 150th memorial capsule will be sealed and ultimately buried in the nearby Charters of Freedom facility at the James Madison Museum of Orange County Heritage. The installation, on Church Street behind the museum, will feature exterior replicas of America’s founding documents. While the original plan was to bury the time capsule as part of the project’s active construction, COVID-related supply issues prompted the time capsule to be buried later.

Still, Greenlaw noted, event organizers continue to solicit contributions from capsules that residents, businesses and organizations deem representative of the city.

“We’re hoping for a variety of different things, both from private and public sectors, businesses and churches,” Greenlaw said. “We just want a snapshot of where we are with a description of what will make it interesting for people in the future.” (See sidebar for time capsule submission recommendations.)

Papers can be submitted to the Orange County Historical Society Tuesday, June 7 through Thursday, June 9, 2-4 p.m.

“I’m excited about the time capsule that will be placed in the Charters of Freedom project at the James Madison Museum,” Roby noted. “I’ve never been involved in helping place items in a pod before and helping choose items for future citizens to see is very exciting.”

After the capsule is sealed, various local officials will deliver remarks and the day’s events will continue with live music and activities, culminating in fireworks at the end of the day.

Throughout the afternoon, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the history of the city through a number of information kiosks that will relay the stories of people, places and events. key events in the city’s history.

Starting this week, these kiosks will be placed in specific locations around town associated with their topics. They will be collected for the June 11 event and located at the event site.

“These tell the story of the city – from the African American baseball team to the Silk Mill, to famous Orange characters,” Greenlaw said. “These are places where people can find interesting stories about the city and scan the QR codes on them to find additional information on the 150th website.”

Greenlaw said the temporary installation kiosks will return to their geo-specific locations after the June 11 event and remain available to visitors and residents.

As the day’s schedule continues to align, Greenlaw and Roby are both encouraging residents and visitors to Orange to join in the June 11 sesquicentennial celebration.

“I hope people come to celebrate the city and enjoy not only friends and family, but also the interesting history of the city of Orange,” Greenlaw said.

“One hundred and fifty years, what a remarkable thing to celebrate!” Roby added. “Please come be a part of the celebration of where you live and raise your family. Bring your whole family. We have food, great music, dance performances, the Orange Community Band we’ll get carried away with music and a local resident signing the national anthem. We’ve got history, speeches, kids’ activities and to top it all off, a beautiful fireworks display. Bring a chair and enjoy. of the day with all of us. You will not be disappointed.

For more information on the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the city of Orange, visit

Time capsule of the centenary of the city of Orange

Suggestions and guidelines

Drop off items (see recommendations and requirements below) at the Orange County Historical Society, 130 Caroline Street, Orange, between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., Tuesday, June 7 through Thursday, June 9.

Documents must be laser printed in black ink printed on acid-free paper (no color laser printing)

All documents to lay flat (no creases or creases)

All documents placed in acid-free folders (to be completed by the city)

Photos printed on high quality photo paper

No color photos, black and white photo prints only

All photos labeled on reverse in pencil with date, names and subject (no use of pens/markers)

Zippered polythene bags (2 mil thickness) for use in encapsulating documents or groups of documents. Zippered bags must be perforated in the top corner to promote air transfer/breathability (to be completed by the city)

Books and other non-documentary artifacts are acceptable if accompanied by descriptions and statements of their significance laser-printed on acid-free card stock or in pencil (no use of pens/markers)

No use of staples, binders, rubber bands, paper clips, etc. with paper documents