Jammu and Kashmir PDP and People’s Conference say government banned party functions

Two regional parties said on Sunday that the administration of the lieutenant governor of Jammu and Kashmir had banned them from holding party functions in Srinagar and Kupwara respectively. PDP chairman and former chief minister Mehbooba Mufti said on Sunday that she had been taken into house arrest to prevent her from addressing the party’s youth convention in Gupkar.

Mufti took a four-minute walk around rows of empty, overturned chairs where young people were supposed to congregate to listen. She accused the government of having deliberately closed the agency for dialogue and conversation with young people so that in desperation they resort to violence.

“My dear children, you will have to persevere in your peaceful struggle to assert your point of view. The government may be trying to trick you into using a rock or resorting to violence, but you have to be careful. Don’t fall for the trap. Don’t be discouraged, speak up and make sure you are heard, ”she said.

“Let me tell you that I wanted to talk to you and listen to you, but the government did not allow us to do so. But don’t worry if they’ve prevented this meeting, I’ll make sure I come to your doors to hear your grievances, “she said in a video posted to social media.

After his detention and the young people not being allowed to enter his Gupkar residence, the party workers staged a demonstration in several places against the administration’s refusal to organize the youth convention.

The government defended the decision to refuse office by invoking the Covid-19 protocol. He even issued an order confirming that the government was suspending office. “Given the report received by the Office of the Chief Superintendent of Police, Srinagar and the COVID-19 restrictions in place. It is hereby ordered that the youth conference to be organized by PDP in Gupkar is not allowed, ”the order reads.

The order ordered the station’s officer, Ram Munshi Bagh, to ensure that “no such event takes place in Gupkar without the permission of the competent authority”.

Meanwhile, the J&K People’s Conference today denounced the administration for not allowing it to hold a rally in Kupwara. PC spokesperson Adnan Ashraf said the party regrets the partisan approach of the Kupwara district administration for repeatedly denying the party’s permission to hold a convention while facilitating rallies. public by other parties.

“It is very unfortunate that repeated requests by JKPC to hold a convention in Kupwara are denied due to concerns related to COVID while other parties are facilitated and have their hands free to organize public gatherings. We urge @dckupwara to avoid any partisan approach in the application of COVID protocols, “J&K Peoples Conference tweeted from its official account.

CP secretary general Imran Reza Ansari also questioned the justification for denying permission to the CP while allowing other parties to organize rallies.

“I am in awe. In the context of Omicron, DC Kupwara has no problem allowing other parties to organize rallies. But what covid protocol DC Kupwara did he hide from the scientific community, which justified the refusal to organize a rally by our party barely a week ago. Permission denied 3 times, “he tweeted.

Meanwhile, National Conference vice-president Omar Abdullah told reporters after staging a rally in Anantnag that the government was doing its best to break the unity of the PAGD. “The government has succeeded in separating some voters from the PAGD, but the parties that are there fully understand these plots and will not allow them to succeed,” Abdullah told reporters when they pointed out that the PDP convention does not was not allowed.

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