Jahana Hayes is here for all of us

Posted: Oct 06, 2022 4:05 PM

For the editor:

I feel so lucky to have Jahana Hayes as my representative in Congress!

Jahana is dedicated to everyone in Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District. She fights for you and me, not for wealthy corporations or mega donors.

One of the areas in which Jahana works for us is health. Jahana understands that healthcare costs are a burden for many people.

She works to ensure that everyone can have equitable and affordable health care. She voted to cut health insurance premiums under the Affordable Care Act and supports proposals to move toward universal health care.

She voted for legislation banning surprise billing and capping insulin costs. She helped pass the Curbing Inflation Act, which allows Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices, cap out-of-pocket spending, and penalize manufacturers who raise drug prices too quickly. .

She also works to expand community mental health services.

And it’s not just health care. Jahana works to eradicate hunger in Connecticut; support business owners and ensure that all workers earn a living wage; protect the natural beauty of our region; provide a path to citizenship for Dreamers; and to ensure that our schools have the resources to provide quality education so that all of our children are prepared for a productive future.

Jahana knows what it’s like to wrestle in Connecticut, and she wants to make sure everyone in our district and our country has the opportunity to succeed. Please join me in voting for Jahana Hayes in Congress.


Betsy Litt

New city