Jackie Baillie says Labor was ‘wrong’ to get involved in Better Together

SCOTTISH Labor deputy leader Jackie Baillie said it was “wrong” for her party to be involved in Better Together.

Dumbarton’s MSP was speaking at a side event at the Scottish Labor Conference when she suggested Labor should not have been involved in a single campaign with the Tories.

Better Together, which campaigned for a no vote in 2014, was formed with backing from the Tories, Labor and LibDems.

Baillie was appointed director of the organization at the end of 2012. However, speaking at a Scottish Labor conference event on Saturday, she said her party was wrong to have been involved.

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Baillie said: “We had been telling everyone for years that the Tories were terrible and we cooperated with them. Don’t get me wrong, there was a bigger issue, which was the future of the UK, but I think we were wrong to do that.

“I think we should have run separate campaigns…but that’s what we chose to do at the time.”

The veteran Labor MSP further said she believed the Unionist parties would all run separate campaigns in a second independence referendum.

“That doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t ultimately agree on the goal,” she added.

Baillie further claimed that there was “nothing civic or joyous” about the first independence referendum.

She said: “It was the day after the referendum that struck me the most. Labor in Scotland carried on as if nothing had happened. We didn’t step back and reflect on the seismic difference to the within the country.

“All that SNP bullshit about civic nationalism and a big debate, it was rubbish.”

Baillie claimed his car window was smashed during the campaign, adding: ‘There was nothing civic or joyful about what we experienced. And we failed to reflect that in the country. and we carried on as usual.”