Access to affordable and reliable health care coverage is extremely important for older people. Especially after seeing the stress COVID-19 places on our medical system, there has never been a better time to highlight the programs that work to protect the health of Americans.

Medicare Advantage has been one of the greatest successes in helping 27 million American seniors achieve better health outcomes by providing affordable and comprehensive health care coverage. From connecting seniors with support and wellness programs for home caregivers to providing prescription drugs and integrated dental, health and vision benefits, Medicare Advantage is the only program that provides quality care at a price adapted to each financial situation.

With out-of-pocket expenses capped and premiums declining year on year, Medicare Advantage delivers the benefits seniors need at an affordable price.

As Congress continues to identify ways to pay for the infrastructure package, I want to commend Congressman Jared Golden for standing up for our community. We are grateful to have a champion in Congress who works for our interests every day and I applaud your efforts to protect Medicare Advantage.

Bruce bornstein


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