Imlie finds himself in danger after his plan fails

Bombay :Imlie is one of the best shows and the audience loves the title. The show is in for a lot of drama with the twists and turns to come.

Previously, Imlie prepares a healthy breakfast for Chini. Chini comes in and slyly mixes something with it. Chini later, when she sits down for breakfast, says the breakfast smells bad and she is going to vomit. Rudra gets angry and Shivani says breakfast smells really bad.

Imlie says she did it the way it’s supposed to be done. Atharva takes the position of Imlie. He says he will prove it and eats the breakfast that Chini ruined earlier. While eating it, he begins to choke and everyone panics after seeing this. Atharva then tells that he ate hot food in a hurry, that’s why he started coughing. He tells everyone that breakfast is good.

Atharva later goes and vomits. He says someone made a mistake in the kitchen and no one needs to know because everyone will blame Imlie again.

Atharva asks Imlie to think about how Chini’s breakfast was ruined. He then realizes that it is too late for his date and the organizers will not listen to his music. Imlie blames himself. Imlie is determined to make things right for Atharva.

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In the upcoming track we will see that while Atharva is waiting for Imlie, Chini gets juice for Atharva and blames Imlie for ruining his career. Atharva says Imlie gave him hope that she will work things out and he trusts her.

Imlei disguises himself as a driver and takes the event organizer to Atharva. He learns that he is being misled and gets angry with Imlie. Imlie accepts his mistake and apologizes. She tries to explain to him but he accuses Imlie of having kidnapped him. Imlie panics.

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