Huawei Hubble officially entered the private equity fund industry

Hubble Technology, based in Shenzhen, is a subsidiary that focuses entirely on market investments. On January 14, 2022, Huawei Hubble officially completed the registration of private equity fund managers. Now, the institutional type is private equity and venture capital fund managers.

According to information, Hubble Technology Venture Capital Co., Ltd was established on April 23, 2019, with a registered capital of 3 billion yuan in Futian District, Shenzhen.

Now, Huawei Hubble has officially entered the private equity fund industry. In the near future, private equity fund products will be created to raise funds for venture capital-qualified individual and institutional investors.

What are private equity funds?

Private equity funds are closed-end funds that are considered an alternative investment class. Because they are private, their capital is not listed on the stock exchange. These funds allow high net worth individuals and various institutions to invest directly in companies and acquire stakes in them.

Huawei Hubble executives:

Bai Yi

The legal representative, chairman and managing director of Hubble Investments is Bai Yi, who is currently chairman of Huawei’s Global Financial Risk Control Center. Since August 1997, he has been with Huawei.

He has been an employee of the R&D department, director of the research institute cooperation department and deputy director of the enterprise development department. Additionally, he has served as President and Vice President in other departments. In April 2019, Bai Yi took over as CEO of Hubble Investments.

Kong Yan

Kong Yan, head of compliance risk control at Hubble Investments, is also a veteran Huawei employee. In February 2006, she joined Huawei Technologies as Project Finance Officer within the Regional Financial Management Department.

In July 2012, she became a financial specialist in Huawei’s operations management division. Additionally, she started working at Hubble Investments in January and became a director of the company.


Hubble Investment is fully operated by Huawei and jointly owned by the union committee of Huawei Investment Holding Co., Ltd. and Ren Zhengfei, whose Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei holds 0.75. % actions.

Hubble Investments currently has about 50 foreign investment companies, covering manufacturing, scientific research, technical services, information dissemination, finance, etc., covering chips, semiconductors, artificial intelligence and other areas.

In November 2021, Hubble Investments underwent industrial and business transformation, and its business scope added private equity investment fund management and venture capital fund management services.

(Source: It is the house)