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NASHVILLE (WSMV) — Tennessee Governor Bill Lee held a press conference at the State Capitol on Thursday to discuss funding Tennessee’s public school system with the student-based formula. During the conference, Lee allowed several speakers to explain why the student-focused funding formula is important.

There were several guest speakers at the event, including Coffee County High School senior Elizabeth Brown. She chaired the student committee and participated in public meetings.

“On behalf of the students of the Student Engagement Subcommittee, we are so grateful that our voice has been heard,” Brown said. “Being a part of this made us feel appreciated as students.”

Brown said being on the committee allows students to champion topics they are passionate about in meetings. She also underscored the importance of involving students in the process, as they would play a vital role in creating an effective student-focused funding formula.

“It was a student-based formula,” Lee said. “So it was important to involve the students in the process.”

“Who else knows the needs of students better than the students themselves,” Brown said.

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – Tennessee Governor Bill Lee and the Tennessee Department of Education Committee…

Jared Bingham, board member of the Tennessee Rural Education Association, discussed workforce development and how the formula would help students prepare for light outside the classroom. .

“Even though there are many opinions, one thing we all agree on…. was that a student-based formula was the way forward for our state,” he said. “There are unique challenges for each student demographic. It is no different for rural students. So the opportunity to meet some of those needs and meet the students where they are is an opportunity we’ve never had in this state before.

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Regarding the workforce perspective, Bingham said they are looking at K-12 education in a way that recognizes opportunities and recognizes that those opportunities cost different amounts of money. to fund the programs. In addition to looking at K-12 education, it is also looking at workforce needs.

“We are also looking at those labor needs and responding to those employers across the state. That’s something as a chamber that we’ve tried to address and our members have helped them create these talent pipelines for these opportunities.

Bingham continued, “If we don’t do something meaningful in some of these areas and focus on some of these unique individual needs of each student’s journey through these pipelines, we’re not going to see results follow. labor demands.

Commissioner Penny Schwinn said the K-12 funding formula is important because it allows students in rural or economically disadvantaged counties to have their needs met. She is particularly proud to have been able to integrate students into the process.

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