Former President Obama speaks at the ATTITUDE conference downtown

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — Former President Barack Obama spoke Sunday morning at L’ATTITUDE, a conference highlighting the contributions of Latinos in different industries.

This weekend marked the fifth year of the four-day event and featured several high profile speakers sharing words of empowerment for attendees.

The former president began his address shortly after 11 a.m. and took part in a Q&A with L’ATTITUDE co-founder Gary Acosta.

“The country’s economic success will depend on the performance of the Latino community and other minority groups as they grow in size and strength,” Obama said.

He touched on everything from current immigration policies, to the pandemic, to pop culture — and in the middle of it all — racial injustice in America.

“My hope would be that all of us, regardless of political party, would say this is not good for America,” he said.

The former president says one solution is equal and better representation across industries. And the participants agreed.

“In any career, it is important that everyone is represented. I don’t care what your background is… if you see someone like you achieve great things, then you know you can do it. Because it’s not impossible,” said a participant from L’ATTITUDE.

The conference wrapped up Sunday evening, but organizers say they are already planning the next L’ATTITUDE event, which will take place in Miami next year.