Fake iPhone 14 cases spotted in China ahead of Apple’s official launch, hinting at the exact design of the iOS phone

Fake iPhone 14 cases are already appearing in China. These replica iOS smartphone accessories have been leaked by some Twitter users showing their exact designs.

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PALO ALTO, CA – NOVEMBER 03: Boxes of the new iPhone X sit on a table at an Apple Store on November 3, 2017 in Palo Alto, California. The highly anticipated iPhone X went on sale worldwide today.

As of this writing, the tech giant manufacturer has yet to release its next-generation iPhone model.

While that’s the case, various tech critics shared their predictions, saying Apple is aiming for a September 2022 launch.

But, there is also speculation of a later release date, around October.

While reviewers are still trying to figure out when Apple will officially launch the new iPhone 14, Chinese accessory makers seem to be focusing on making replica phone cases.

Fake iPhone 14 cases spotted in China!

According MacRumors‘ latest report, two Twitter users shared images of iPhone cases with the Apple logo, along with the name of the upcoming iPhone 14 models; iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Max.

Fake iPhone 14 cases spotted in China ahead of Apple's official launch - the exact iOS phone design

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TOPSHOT – Visitors walk around Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona on February 25, 2019. – Phone makers will focus on foldable screens and the introduction of super-fast 5G wireless networks at the world’s biggest mobile show in from February 25.

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“They already made the clones of the iPhone 14 cases, amazing how the Chinese are always one step ahead #apple #iphone14 #cases,” said @MajinBuOfficialwhich has more than 12,000 subscribers.

On the other hand, another well-known Twitter user, Duan Ruishared a clear version of the fake iPhone 14 case.

If you check the pictures, these are real props, not just renders.

With that, tech geeks suspect that Chinese accessory makers are somehow sure about the exact design of the upcoming iPhone 14 units.

As of this writing, China is considered the number one country in product replication. Of course, the items they produce are probably faulty.

For example, replicated AirPods will lack some essential features. The sound quality of the headphones will also not be so good.

This is also expected when it comes to replica iPhone 14 cases.

Is it illegal to buy fake iPhone cases?

FindLaw reported that the US government discourages the purchase of counterfeit products. The DHS (Department of Homeland Security) confiscates even counterfeit products sold in the country.

In 2013, the security agency was able to seize more than $1.7 billion in counterfeit goods, including counterfeit electronics, clothing, and other items.

When you say a fake or counterfeit product, it is a replica of an item from another branded item, copying official logos and exact designs.

Since the images of the iPhone 14 cases above show the Apple logo and product name, they are already considered counterfeit products.

On the other hand, leaks suggested that massive iPhone 14 camera upgrades were coming.

Meanwhile, Apple is also expected to launch the new M2 Mac Mini model.

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