Maram Stern, executive vice president of the World Jewish Congress, said on Friday that the WJC “congratulates those attending COP26 who will seek solutions to the potentially catastrophic consequences of ignoring the clear climate emergency our world is facing. confronted “.

Stern describes the threat of climate change as a “grim reality”, and that “the threat to all human life, through the increasing frequency and magnitude of extreme weather events such as bushfires, drought, shortages water, floods and record temperatures, must be a priority for the entire international community.

This comes days before the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26, which is due to start in Glasgow, Scotland on Sunday.

“Respect and preservation of our natural environment has always been a pillar of Jewish tradition and teachings,” Stern continued.

He highlights how Israel has always supported environmental protection through the Jewish holiday Tu B’Shvat, which promotes reforestation.

LISA RUBIN at the Tu B’Shvat Tree Planting Event in Gush Etzion, 2021. (Courtesy LISA RUBIN)

Stern praised Prime Minister Naftali Bennett for saying that tackling climate change is a national security interest for Israel as well as other Jewish organizations such as the Commonwealth Jewish Council and the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

Overall, Stern stresses that it is imperative that governments around the world take “responsible action on climate change and demonstrate environmental responsibility.”

Additionally, the WJC is working to fight anti-Semitism around the world in addition to tackling climate change, as it announced on Tuesday that it was working with Jewish on Campus to advocate for Jewish students who have experienced discrimination on the basis of their religion on American college campuses.

Both organizations will also support Jewish student communities outside of the United States.

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