DevOpsDays conference returns to scenic town after two-year hiatus

After a two-year hiatus (due to COVID-19), the organizing committee of DevOpsDays Chattanooga is pleased to announce that the popular technology event will return to the scenic city on November 14 at the Chattanooga Convention Center.

Prior to the COVID break, the event regularly drew over 300 people to Chattanooga for a full day of presentations, speakers and networking opportunities.

DevOpsDays is a global series of technical conferences and events on topics including software development, IT infrastructure operations, automation, testing, security, and organizational culture. Each event is organized by local volunteers and has unique characteristics driven by the needs and interests of the regional tech community.

“We are thrilled to bring DevOpsDays back to Chattanooga,” said Alex Herweyer, founding member of the DevOpsDays Chattanooga organizing committee. “The event brings leading technology experts and professionals to Chattanooga and also provides a valuable opportunity for local technologists to come together and collaborate.”

The local group of conference leaders, known as the DevOpsDays Chattanooga Committee, is made up of local technologists and IT professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to organize the conference. The group is non-profit and all proceeds from the event go directly to scholarships for aspiring technologists and tech students in the Chattanooga area.

“DevOpsDays Chattanooga is an important event for the local tech ecosystem,” said Aaron Sachs, longtime member of the DevOpsDays Chattanooga organizing committee. “This event brings world-class technologists together in the scenic town and demonstrates the vibrant nature of our local tech community.”

The DevOpsDays Chattanooga Organizing Committee has pledged to allocate excess ticket proceeds to a local scholarship fund for tech students and aspiring technologists. The Chattanooga Technology Council (ChaTech) administers the scholarship fund through the annual ChaTech Scholars program. Scholarship applications will open in January with the final scholarships to follow in May 2023.

“DevOpsDays is an integral part of the local tech community, and we’re glad the event is back and in-person,” said Walton Robinson, executive director of Chattanooga Technology Council (ChaTech). “We also appreciate the support of our scholarship fund for technology students. The DevOpsDays committee understands the importance of supporting the next generation of technologists.

Tickets and Schedule: Tickets, conference schedule and speaker information are available at

Event sponsors include leading local and regional organizations such as Tennessee Valley Authority, ChaTech (the Chattanooga Technology Council), Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Tennessee, Unum, VMWare, Patriot Talent Solutions, Stratus Grid, and more.