CPX is a two-day mini-conference for artists and arts administrators

ASI’s Third Annual Creative Professionals Exchange Conference Is a Refreshing Change of Pace

Artists looking for new creative avenues to explore are invited to attend a two-day mini-conference that will include:

  • Presentations by professionals from the region
  • Discussions moderated by panels
  • Organized networking opportunities for those looking for inspiration and new ways to advance their work

The Creative Professionals Exchange (CPX) conference is designed to unlock creative blocks that can sometimes limit artistic abilities.

Organized by Arts Services Inc. (ASI), the event (for artists and arts administrators) will take place June 3 and 4 (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) at the Herb & Jane Darling Environmental Education Center at Tifft Nature Preserve in Buffalo.

Not only will the event help clean up pandemic cobwebs, attendees will also have immediate access to five miles of inspiring and uplifting nature trails.

“This year’s CPX is special not only because it marks our return to in-person events, but because it was born out of a real need in the arts community,” said Holly Grant, Director of Grants and UPS programming. “The pandemic has hit our industry hard and many of us are still trying to recover our sanity and rekindle our artistry. ‘CPX: Refresh’ is about shaking off the dust and approaching summer with new skills and a new perspective so you can start creating again.

CPX:Refresh presentation topics and presenters are:

  • Unleash your creativity with Brandon Williamson (Pure Ink Poetry)
  • Alexander Technique: Body Alignment for Your Health with Michael Serio (Certified Alexander Technique Teacher)
  • Social Media Marketing with Jeff Heras and Joe Babcock (Spicy Creative)
  • Setup: Wrapping and Portfolio Building with Akasya Crosier and Suzanne Fatta
  • Tour of Tifft Nature Reserve with a Tifft Nature Guide
  • Stress and Burnout Management with Dr. Christian Bernhard (SUNY Fredonia)
  • Art of Mindfulness: Zentangles to Destress with Kelly Barone (Certified Zentangle Teacher, Whimsy by Kelly)
  • Finding Hygge – The Perfect Workspace Exists with Megan McElfresh (Stained Glass Association of America)
  • Panel discussion on creative reuse with Hope Wilk (Hopeful Finds) and John Smigielski (Liminal Space Ensemble)
  • Nature as a source of inspiration with Arthur Pearson (Roger Tory Peterson Institute)
  • Design your brand identity with Matt Low (Crowley Webb)
  • Create systems that support you with Ashley Johnson (AEJ Create)

*Presentation topics and speakers are subject to change.

The two days of CPX: Refresh will conclude with a networking happy hour in Duende (Friday, June 3) and Wilkeson Point Beer Garden (Saturday, June 4).

The two-day mini-conference for artists and arts administrators will take place on June 3rd and 4and at Tifft Nature Reserve.

Registration for the full two days is $125 per person and includes all sessions, lunch, and happy hour discounts. Day passes and virtual options are available. The scholarships are available through an application process. Proof of vaccination for all speakers and attendees is required.

Learn more or register for the conference at www.cpxrefresh.com.

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