Corona Sunsets Festival returns to Clifton

The year was 2019. Cape Town rumbled with festivals, the idea of ​​a global pandemic was just a whisper in the wind of wild imaginations, and music was the extension cord that connected us all – into one. place where we could succumb to its magic.

One of the most anticipated festivals of the year was undoubtedly the Corona Sunsets Festival. Set against the backdrop of the Clifton Oval, it was one of the ultimate sunny groove feelings of 2019.

The last Corona Sunsets Festival was held in 2019 and featured the likes of Fisher, Nora in Pure, Prince Kaybee, Shimza, Bantwanas, Goodluck, Abby Nurock and more.

Two long years have passed since then. The festival-goers have retired and things have changed. However, as the festival scene in Cape Town begins to slowly blossom again in 2022, we couldn’t have been more delighted to hear the return of the Corona Sunsets Festival and the opportunity to give the first word of the title its original positive connotation. . .

Following the success of the Corona Chasing Sunsets series of events, this summer, the iconic festival returns. Festival-goers can expect a similar line-up of star-studded performers. And, for those who purchased a ticket for the 2020 edition, anyone with a valid Corona Sunsets Festival 2020 ticket can still redeem their ticket for this event.

The magnificent Sunset Home, Clifton’s Oval Field, will once again host this spectacular show, promantic sensational outdoor moments with friends, incredible music and the ultimate Atlantic sunset moment Ocean. Beyond the sights, music and vibe, the show will also feature local and organic artisan food and art vendors. as Corona merchandise for sale.

“It’s been an amazing summer of Chasing Sunsets events and what better way to wrap up the summer than saving the best for last with the return of the biggest Corona Sunsets festival to date,” says Melanie Nicholson, Marketing Director of Corona SA.


  • When: April 9
  • Where: The Oval Field, Clifton
  • Cost of tickets: R660 | Catch them here

COVID and other regulations:

“Because there are still protocols to follow, we will of course have a strict COVID regulations in place. As we normalize, we are very aware of the level of responsibility that comes with running well-attended events and we’ll make sure there are no complications or setback,” says event organizer Shaun Duwe.

For the safety of all staff and guests, all #ChasingSunsets and #CoronaSunsets events will be live with
current government guidelines. As such, all attendees will need ID to enter the event with
Only original RSA ID cards or cards, driving license cards or passports are accepted. No one under the age of 18 can join.

In addition to COVID-19 protocols being executed at events, the following will also be in effect:

  • Disinfection stations – (santizier at minimum 70% alcohol)
  • Paper towels for bathrooms
  • No buffet catering
  • Appropriate cleaning company disinfection plan
  • An isolation area where people can be held if they start showing symptoms

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Picture: Crown | Facebook