Congress attacks AAP over Delhi sewage crisis; denounces Kejriwal’s “pattern of fraud”

As major water bottlenecks were reported in the nation’s capital due to incessant rains, Congress on Saturday criticized the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) for its mismanagement in tackling Delhi’s sewage problem. Congress Spokesperson Sandeep Dikshit further accused the Kejriwal-led AAP government of running a “pattern of fraud” in the name of education.

“The Delhi Jal Board is in very poor condition. The government agency is suffering huge losses. Apart from the extreme corruption caused by the AAP government, the Jal Board is suffering losses of Rs 60,000 crore,” said the bearer. word of Congress.

Questioning the AAP government, the Congress leader asked that if no funds were spent on these civic issues, where did the money go? “Sewage treatment has also dropped under the AAP government. If the capital city government is not spending money on these issues, then where is the Kejriwal government spending money? debts pile up on the government?”

Further slamming the government led by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Dikshit said: “Free is not a model. AAP does not give a model of education but a model of fraud.” He further asked, “If Delhi government run schools are so good, then why don’t the children of its MPs study in these schools?”

Congress slams AAP for ‘model fraud’

Addressing a press conference, the Congress spokesperson claimed that the education model put in place by the Kejriwal government is a “cheating model” and that if applied in other states, the whole education system will be “ruined”. “It’s not an education model, it’s a fraud model, a modeling model,” the former MP alleged.

Citing data, Dikshit said, “AAP had stated in its manifesto that 500 new schools would be built. Namely, 142 new schools were built in our time. era there are 1026. public schools. What kind of revolutionary stage is this in which only a few schools were built?”

Delhi’s roads submerged in water

With heavy rain hitting Delhi for the third day in a row, images of flooded roads and gridlocked streets have been reported causing huge inconvenience to residents and commuters. Videos of the same have been shared online showing long lines of vehicles moving at snail’s speed.