CM Ibrahim, Former Karnataka Congress Leader, Joins JD(S) as Party State Chairman

After resigning from the Congress party on March 12, former Union minister Chand Mahal Ibrahim joined the Janata Dal (secular) on Sunday as chairman of the party’s Karnataka unit. He took office in the presence of senior leaders HD Devegowda and HD Kumaraswamy in Bengaluru. CM Ibrahim previously held the portfolios of Aviation, Information and Broadcasting and Tourism under the Deve Gowda government in 1996.

Announcing his decision to join JD(S) after the exit from the big old party, the former minister of Karnataka expressed his faith in the people’s allegiance to him saying that he considers him as his own son. He went on to add that the next time JD(S) will form the government of Karnataka, it will be under the leadership of HD Kumaraswamy. He further added that the party workers are grouped so that each of the villages in the state has 5 to 10 workers.

“JD(S) is the oldest party and they have 5-10 workers in each village. We just have to consolidate them. Next time JD(S) will form the government and HD Kumaraswamy will become the CM here . The people of Karnataka treat me like their own son.”

CM Ibrahim cites senior leaders ignoring his grievances as reason for exiting Congress

As Ibrahim’s longstanding grievances were not taken into account by the big old party, CM Ibrahim decided to resign from the party as well as his position as Member of the Legislative Council (MLC) after submitting his resignation to President Sonia. Gandhi. He mentioned in the letter: “For 12 years, in my many letters to you, I had placed before you several grievances of the party and you had indeed replied that you would take the necessary corrective measures. But so far , I don’t see any change.”

As mentioned in the letter, CM Ibrahim was unhappy with the party’s appointment of BK Hariprasad as Leader of the Opposition in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly – a post he was considering, despite the fact that Prasad was the member the youngest. He was also unhappy with the party bureaucracy in terms of unavailability of senior leadership (Sonia and Rahul Gandhi). “All inquiries were channeled through the responsible general secretaries,” CM Ibrahim said in the letter. Ibrahim also accused Congress of ignoring minority community leaders and using them only as vote banks.