CD2 puts NM on the national stage


New Mexico’s three U.S. districts look more like an unbalanced donut after the lines were redrawn to reflect the 2020 census population change. That means many New Mexicans will be voting in a different district.

It’s red now, it might turn blue

Congressional District 2, or CD2, has been the southern district encompassing roughly the lower half of the state. It has been a red seat held primarily by Republicans for most of its history. But he had his blue moments. The seat is currently held by Republican incumbent Yvette Herrell. She took the seat from Democrat Xochitl Torres Small in the 2020 election. Torres Small snatched the seat from Herrell in the 2018 election in a victory squeaker.

U.S. Representative Yvette Herrell (R-NM2), campaign photo

With the new boundaries, part of the Southern District picks up and encompasses part of the southernmost valley of Bernalillo County, which places these constituents in the same district as Hobbs, Alamogordo, Las Cruces, Silver City, Belen and de many other communities in this sprawling southwest. dominated neighborhood.

Former Las Cruces Councilman Gabe Vasquez challenges incumbent Herrell. And the battle has been fought with ads calling themselves too extreme or too liberal for New Mexico. This is a key race not only for New Mexico, but also for the balance of political parties in the U.S. House of Representatives, where Democrats hold a slim 221-212 margin.

Meet Gabe

Gabe Vasquez is a former Las Cruces city councilman who served from 2017-2021. He has a bachelor’s degree from New Mexico State University in English and journalism. He has worked in start-up companies and worked in a few non-profit organizations.

On crime, he was accused of not supporting law enforcement. As a member of the Las Cruces City Council, he consistently voted to increase the police budget. He said police reform, NOT defunding, is the right way to go.

The paper.: What do you plan to do in Congress to protect women’s medical and reproductive rights?

Gabe: Politicians have no place between a woman and her doctor. In Congress, I’ll vote to codify Roe v. Passing the law and protecting access to contraception, two things my opponent voted for versus.

Why should you be elected and not your opponent?

I will always put New Mexicans first, not political parties or political agendas. In Congress, I will work to build an economy that helps our workers and small businesses, reduce health care costs, protecting reproductive health care, enacting comprehensive immigration reform, and building a energy economy in New Mexico that will provide well-paying jobs and fight climate change.

If you win, what issue will you prioritize?

Building an economy that puts our workers and small businesses first. Politicians in Congress have continually prioritized big business and wealthy CEOs. We have to raise the minimum wage to at least $15 per hour and provide small business support and assistance owners who are the economic backbone of the communities in this district.

What can you do as a candidate and then as a member of Congress to ensure the integrity of the election?

Tell the truth about our elections, that they are safe and secure. In Congress, I will support legislation like the Voter Count Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act to ensure that our elections remain safe and that every American is able to vote in an election and make that vote count.

What gun violence prevention measures do you support?

As a responsible hunter and gun owner, [I know] there are common sense steps we can take to reduce armed violence. I support the expansion of background checks, the introduction of red flag laws, close the gun show loophole and crack down on ghost guns.

Is there anything else you would like voters in this large and diverse constituency to know about you?

This is an incredibly important election. As a first-generation American, I was able to pursue my american dream, but for too many new mexicans that dream is being snatched away by extremists in Congress who care more about party politics than doing what is best for New Mexico. In Congress, I will fight for everyone to have the opportunity to live their life American dream.

Meet Yvette

Congresswoman Yvette Herrell is no stranger to Washington politics. As a starter, she has an advantage. But the southern part of NM tends to be a bit more conservative, so it’ll be hard to see if Herrell can hold on with the addition of the metro area’s newer voters who tend to be a bit more liberal. She is originally from Alamogordo, where she worked in real estate and other businesses.

On the burning issue of crime, she takes a tough stance. According to her website, one important thing she wants to do to solve the crime problem is to finish building the border wall. In Washington, she voted against the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act which dealt with policing practices and law enforcement accountability.

What do you plan to do in Congress to protect women’s medical and reproductive rights?

I will always support women’s rights in health care, as well as in all other aspects of life. I’m pro-life, and now that Roe vs. Wade has been canceled, abortion policy is now decided by each state.

*Herrell voted against the codification of Roe v Wade.

Why should you be elected and not your opponent?

I believe in the American dream, in limited government and in the freedoms granted to us by the Constitution. Unfortunately, my opponent has signed on to a dangerous and radical agenda that punishes job creators and small businesses, leaves our border open, raises our taxes, defunds our police, and promotes policies that will weaken our great country.

If you win, what issue will you prioritize?

The most important issue I will prioritize is runaway spending in Washington that has dramatically increased the cost of living for American workers, making it difficult for many to make ends meet. And with higher prices, job creators and small businesses face tough decisions, further slowing the economy. Prices can be lowered when Congress controls its spending.

What can you do as a candidate and then as a member of Congress to ensure the integrity of the election?

We should institute voter identification measures and ensure that the mail-in voting process is not abused. Americans want safe elections, and I don’t believe that should be a partisan issue.

* On the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, after the January 6 uprising, she continued to support Trump and his claims that the election was stolen did not vote to impeach him for his role in the murderous riot.

What gun violence prevention measures do you support?

There are enough laws in place today to get illegal guns off the streets, hold criminals accountable, and dramatically reduce gun violence. We must enforce the law and elect prosecutors who will try these crimes and uphold their oath to protect Americans from violent criminals.

Is there anything else you would like voters in this large and diverse constituency to know about you?

I have worked hard to represent the great people in our district and hope to continue to do so at the next Convention. I’m a proud conservative, but I’m also working across the aisle for the benefit of New Mexico, working with my fellow Democrats in New Mexico on legislation to protect those affected by the mining of uranium and preserve our water resources. I’m also co-sponsoring legislation with Democrats to support the men and women of Border Patrol, protect Social Security, and expand telehealth.