Organizers said Sunday is about building a community for the community and having fun.

“This is an opportunity for the kids to see the people of northern Tulsa doing good things for them,” said Heather Nash.

Heather Nash is the organizer of the Blocktober Harvest Festival.

She said this event started six years ago when she noticed that some people felt unsafe participating in Halloween traditions.

“Some people didn’t even want to open their doors in northern Tulsa to cheat or deal, so that’s when we created the Harvest Festival,” Nash said.

And since the start of the festival, the community has fallen in love with it.

“We want to be around our community,” said Vincent Hardridge.

Vincent Hardridge and his family have not missed a single Harvest Festival.

He said the bounce house and the candy bags are something that keeps them coming back.

But the way it unites the community is the real treat.

“It’s a way for the kids in our community to come together to see each other and to have a kind of community tour or treatment event where we know a lot of families,” said Tamra Hardridge.

The family said they were grateful that the organizers made this possible for their community.

“They have a group that is helping us come together to make sure this event is available for the kids in North Tulsa and so that’s right – I’m happy to see it getting bigger and bigger every year. “

Several families said they are already looking forward to next year.

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