AVAVA’s Breakthrough Aesthetic Treatment for ALL Skin Tones Wins Prestigious Innovation Tank Challenge at 23rd Annual IMCAS World Congress

WALTHAM, Mass., June 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AVAVA inc.a disruptive aesthetic platform company, today announced that it has won first place in the prestigious Innovation Tank Challenge at the 23rd International Master in Aging Sciences (IMCAs) Annual World Congress. The award recognized AVAVA’s breakthrough non-invasive procedure that safely and effectively prevents and treats skin aging and pigmentary conditions, for all skin tones.

AVAVA, a Blossom Innovations company, has been recognized for its FDA-cleared skin rejuvenation laser with Focal Point Technology™. This industry-first procedure is transforming the aesthetic laser market by delivering energy with pinpoint precision for optimal patient outcomes. Coupled with its high-resolution interactive imaging system, AVAVA has built a smart solution that unlocks safe and effective treatments for all skin types.

This latest breakthrough technology was created by scientists R. Rox AndersonMD, director of the Wellman Center at Massachusetts General Hospital, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School – Department of Dermatology; Dieter MansteinMD, Ph.D., Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Dermatology; Henri HL ChanMD, Ph.D., Department of Medicine, University of Hong Kong and Visiting Scientist of the Wellman Center, Massachusetts General Hospital; and dr. Irina ErenbourgCEO of AVAVA.

“Currently, the best-known energy-based devices on the market for skin rejuvenation are painful; are associated with long downtime for patients; and provide moderate and inconsistent results. These procedures are also often dangerous for people of color,” said Dr. Irina Erenbourg. “Furthermore, all current energy-based treatments deliver energy to the skin, regardless of the size or shape of the skin region or area to be treated. During the process, normal parts and Healthy skin is unnecessarily exposed to energy. Image-guided precision changes that paradigm for all patients.”

Erenburg continued, “We are honored to have been recognized as the winner of the IMCAS Innovation Tank Challenge among many other worthy competitors, not only for our technology, but also for the unmet need it addresses.

IMCAS is the world’s largest educational conference for dermatologists, plastic surgeons and aesthetic practitioners, and brings together international industry experts to share the latest evidence-based techniques and developments in the field. Its Innovation Tank Challenge is a high-profile opportunity for start-ups to pitch their unique ideas and innovative solutions to a panel of prominent medical industry investors and leaders.

About Blossom Innovations

Blossom Innovations invents breakthrough medical devices and drug-device combination products. Its unique R&D approach synergizes expertise in biology, physics and medicine to impact patient care using individualized precision therapy and novel treatment platforms designed to address key unmet clinical dermatological needs. For more information: blossominnovations.com.