ASTERRA guides Vitens to reduce water loss

Positive results showcased at IWA World Water Congress and Expo in Denmark

The use of geospatial data for leak detection makes it possible to monitor large areas of land to detect underground water leaks »

— Elly Perets, CEO of ASTERRA

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, September 12, 2022 / — Today, ASTERRA announced positive results after Vitens, a Netherlands-based water utility, has stepped up its efforts to reduce water loss using ASTERRA Recover satellite leak detection technology. This announcement comes as the world focuses on water loss in International Water Association (IWA) World Water Congress and Exhibition in Copenhagen.

Vitens used the knowledge and analysis of ASTERRA technology to monitor over 900 km of pipelines. Using ASTERRA technology, 27 leaks were identified by leak detection teams during the first four weeks of field work. It was reported that 24 of the 27 leaks found were not apparent and likely would not have been found otherwise.

ASTERRA’s satellite leak detection technology uses algorithms that analyze synthetic aperture polarimetric radar (PolSAR) to search for the chemical signature of drinking water in the ground reflected in radar images. Points of interest, or likely leak locations, are then provided to the utility during the monitoring period.

“An effective non-revenue water loss strategy focuses on active monitoring and leak detection, improving data availability, and improving current non-revenue water reduction methodologies. and pipe replacement programs,” said Elly Perets, CEO of ASTERRA. “Using geospatial data for leak detection allows large areas of land to be monitored for underground water leaks. It is a fast and reliable solution for creating sustainable water programs.

Many utilities, including Vitens, are turning to ASTERRA satellite leak detection as an effective method to solve water problems associated with two problems: climate change and rising costs in the economy. As the world faces longer and more consistent drought conditions and rising costs of producing drinking water, opportunities to increase water supplies from established sources are limited.

In an effort to develop sustainable water programs, emphasis has been placed on reducing water lost in the distribution system before it reaches consumers. Water lost before it reaches the end user is called non-revenue water (NRW). This reduces the supply of drinking water and constitutes a financial burden because it is water produced but not paid for by an end user.

Future fieldwork is planned to continue to survey the remaining points of interest identified by the monitoring system. The global water loss program has targeted ambitious NRW reductions up to 2030, with a minimum target of 5% reduction.

ASTERRA presents its leak detection products at the IWA World Congress until September 15, 2022. On Tuesday September 13, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., Carlo Pesce, Managing Director of Piave Servizi Water Utility, will present on “Using Satellite Scanning by remote sensing in the program for assessing the condition of water pipes: a case at Piave Servizi.



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