Aaron Babbitt calls for a peaceful rally on Capitol Hill on Saturday at an event dedicated, in part, to his late wife who was killed on January 6.

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Organizer of “Justice for J6” Alleges Those Arrested in the Capitol Riot Are “Political Prisoners”, Also Calls for Independent Investigation into Death of Ashli ​​Babbitt Who Was Shot Down by an Officer Capitol police station.

“The last thing I want is violence on behalf of my wife. I don’t want it,” Aaron told FOX 5’s Lindsay Watts on Monday.

Event organizer Michael Braynard told FOX 5 he estimates 700 people will participate in the rally’s permit. Aaron said he didn’t know much about the event, but encouraged people to demonstrate peacefully.

“More blood spilled at this point will do nothing to get justice for Ashli,” Aaron said.

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Aaron said he will always believe his wife was murdered. Capitol Police and the Justice Department have cleared the officer who opened fire, Lieutenant Michael Byrd. The video shows rioters smashing the glass of the door to the President’s lobby near where lawmakers were gathered, and Ashli ​​trying to get through.

Aaron said he had not considered attending on Saturday.

“I stay in my little enclave of friends and family and I really don’t – the second you step out of that circle it’s like you’re inundated with people wanting to talk to you and fill you up. the head of lots of things. It’s not my game. I’ve never been a political person, “said Aaron.

He said that was the reason he didn’t come to Washington with his wife on the 6th, but Ashli, a Trump supporter who he said had voted for President Obama in the past, was determined to attend President Trump’s speech.

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When asked if he thought Trump’s words that day inspired Ashli’s actions, Aaron said he blamed group thinking and a “group mentality.” He said Trump contacted him later by phone and that they had a great conversation in July during which they spoke about Ashli.

Aaron knows this area well. He says he was stationed in Calvert County and that Ashli ​​was living in Annapolis when they met in 2015. They then moved to San Diego.

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