Arizona State, Arizona basketball games against USC, UCLA postponed

The Arizona and Arizona men’s state basketball teams were scheduled to resume the Pac-12 game on December 30 with games against UCLA and USC. Those games have now been postponed due to COVID-19 outbreaks at both Los Angeles schools.

This will make the fourth and fifth games canceled or postponed for UCLA and the third and fourth for USC.

ASU was scheduled to play at USC on December 30 and UCLA on January 1, while Arizona was scheduled to play at UCLA on December 30 and USC on January 2.

The next match between the two schools will be on January 8 at the Desert Financial Arena. The game will switch between noon and 2 p.m. and the time will be set for a later date as FOX is working around flexible NFL scheduling for the last weekend of the regular season and some games may be rescheduled to Saturday.

ASU (5-7) last played Sunday when they lost at home to San Francisco 66-65.

Arizona (11-1) last played Wednesday and lost to Tennessee 77-73.

Previously, ASU men’s basketball coach Bobby Hurley had addressed the issues of COVID-19.

In addition, the UCLA women’s basketball games against Arizona schools have been postponed. Like the men, the women at UCLA were on hiatus, making their fourth and fifth postponement cancellations.

Two days ago, the Pac-12 updated their in-game cancellation policies, with many similar mandates to what was in place a year ago. Schools are still subject to local public health requirements in their own states.

Like last season, teams must have a minimum of seven stock players available. If not, the conference can reschedule a match. This policy is retroactive to all results beginning with the 2021-22 Pac-12 basketball season, which includes the December 5 previously canceled UCLA at the Washington Men’s Basketball Competition. This was originally forfeited due to problems in the Washington program.

If all matches are not played, the team with the highest winning and losing percentage for all conference matches will be the conference champion. This applies even in the event that one or more teams cannot play their full 20-game conference schedule. For teams to be eligible for the conference championship, teams must play at least three fewer conference games than the average number of conference games played by all teams.

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