Alberta renews commitment to Ukraine as war continues

More than 6,000 Ukrainian civilians have been killed as of September 30 as war continues abroad.

LAKELAND- The provincial government renewed its commitment to support Ukraine.

At a press conference on October 5, then-Premier Jason Kenney said the province would provide $10 million to the Ukrainian World Congress for the Unite with Ukraine campaign. Kenney said the funding will provide humanitarian aid including first aid kits and medical supplies, sleeping bags and winter clothing, and protective gear for frontline forces.

The Government of Alberta also renewed its memorandum of understanding with the Ivano-Frankivsk region of Ukraine, to recognize each other as sister provinces. Kenney said the memorandum of understanding has been expanded to specifically include cooperation in infrastructure and energy development, noting that Alberta is one of the “world’s energy superpowers.”

Kenney said Alberta’s deep solidarity and commitment to Ukraine during “Putin’s invasion crisis” will be long-lasting, and “we as Albertans will look forward to participating in the reconstruction of Ukraine after the war”.

“Once the Ukrainians have succeeded in driving all Russian soldiers out of sovereign Ukrainian territory, Alberta and Canada will have to participate in the enormous work of renewing the construction,” he said, followed by a round of applause from members of the audience. Kenney added that a crucial part of that support will include strengthening Ukraine’s energy security and independence.

He said that given Russia’s “energy imperialism” and Putin’s efforts to weaponize Russian energy across Europe and the world, there is an urgent need to ensure Russia’s energy security and independence. Ukraine.

Orysia Boychuk, President of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Alberta Provincial Council, said, “Ukraine is fighting for all of us here, for the values ​​that we hold dear as Albertans and Canadians. These values ​​include “freedom, human rights and sovereignty – the belief in creating a better world for our children”.

“This is a fight where the choice between two sides couldn’t be clearer,” she said. “But unfortunately we have seen less unequivocal support for Ukraine from our Western countries,” Boychuk said, explaining that support takes more than a tweet or the wearing of a pin, but leadership and patience. conviction.

Amil Shapka, a member of the Ukrainian community in St. Paul, said he found the Alberta government’s show of support timely, “as interest in Russia’s war against Ukraine begins to decline”.

“The passing of time makes Ukraine’s efforts no less important,” Shapka said, saying the international order is at stake. or not.”

Shapka said that while reaffirming the commitment to Ukraine is important to boost the morale of Ukraine’s military and citizens, it is more important to ensure that they successfully defend themselves and “that they have tools they need to claim their sovereignty”.

“Words will not win this war and I applaud Premier Kenney for his concrete action and leadership.

Danyleiko Oleksandr, Consul General of Ukraine in Edmonton, also thanked Albertans for their donations and support. “It has been going on for a long time, and we need more and more support to fight Russian aggression…and we will definitely do that with your support.”

According to Oleksandr, Putin has no intention of stopping the war and has escalated the situation to the highest possible level in his attempt to annex Ukrainian territory. He said Putin was also threatening the world with nuclear war “and we have to stop it”.

Oleksandr noted that more than six thousand civilians were killed, citing data from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). According to the OHCHR, 6,413 Ukrainian civilians have been killed and approximately 10,000 civilians injured as of September 30.

This includes approximately 1,700 women and approximately 400 children killed.

“Unfortunately, that’s not all, and the real losses are much higher… The Russians are trying to hide their atrocities,” Oleksandr said, saying mass graves of civilians in the occupied territories are discovered almost every day. .

Oleksandr said that while Ukraine pushes back against Russia and liberates more Ukrainian territory, “Russia still has a lot of resources to continue this bloody war.” He said Ukraine desperately needs the help of friends and partners and concluded by once again thanking Alberta for support.