‘AAP just replaces Congress in making allegations,’ says Pramod Sawant

On Thursday, February 3, Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant attacked AAP Chairman Arvind Kejriwal for simply making allegations and counter-allegations against the BJP in the state, ahead of elections in the Assembly. CM Sawant said the AAP will not succeed with the games of allegations and is only “replacing Congress in Goa”. He alleged that Kejriwal had no work to do in Delhi

Goa CM Pramod Sawant told ANI, “I think Arvind Kejriwal does not have a job these days in Delhi. He should pay attention to the people of Delhi. allegations in the 2022 Goa elections. He (Arvind Kejriwal) is just replacing the Congress here.”

Earlier on Wednesday January 26, the BJP announced its second and final list of six candidates for the upcoming Goa polls. According to the list, Assembly Speaker Rajesh Patnekar would run in his current constituency of Bicholim while Jainita, a former Minister of State and wife of incumbent MP Pandurang Madkaikar, would run on a BJP ticket from Cumbharjua constituency.

Kejriwal explains BJP ‘conspiracy’ in Goa

On February 2, Arvind Kejriwal had said that the people of Goa had only two options to vote, one is the honest AAP and the other is the BJP who field their candidates on the Congress ticket. According to the leader of the AAP, the BJP sends its candidates to the Congress to obtain Catholic votes and then recalls them to the party to form the government in Goa.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal had said: “The BJP fielded its candidates on the Congress ticket like in Salcete area so that they can join the BJP later. People should be aware that s they don’t vote for the AAP, they indirectly vote for the BJP.”

Elections in Goa

Goa is due to go to elections on February 14 in a single phase to elect 40 members of the Goa Legislative Assembly. The results of Goa Election 2022 will be announced on March 10, the Election Commission of India has informed.

Goa went to elections on February 4, 2017 and the result was declared on March 18, 2017. After the announcement of the results, although the Indian National Congress became the largest party with 17 seats, the party did not failed to forge an alliance with any of the smaller parties to form the government. And so the BJP with 13 seats in hand with the support of GFP and MGP and independents formed its government.

Image: Facebook/@Pramod Sawant/PTI