A child psychologist will provide behavioral training to TSD conference attendees

Ben Springer, Ph.D., brings training on how to manage student aggressive behaviors that have evolved, especially for school bus environments, to the TSD conference in Frisco, TX.

A nationally licensed psychologist and director of the Family Education Center in the Wasatch County School District in Utah, Springer will open the learning on Sunday, March 20 with the keynote address “Safety on the Yellow Submarine: Reinforcing capacities in the transport of handicapped pupils”. It will then follow with a two and a half hour preview of ASPEN on the bus.

All conference registrants also receive a free license to take any training on Springer’s website, totempd.com, valued at $195. Additionally, participants can purchase a license to use throughout their school district for $995.

Springer also spoke with his partner, Dr. Ben Belnap, at STN EXPO Reno 2017.

Originally developed for the classroom by Springer, who is also a former director of special education for the Wasatch County School District, ASPEN on the Bus focuses on the relationships student transporters must forge with teachers to achieve the best results when working with students on the school bus. Springer offers “10 Ways to Support Student Behavior on the Bus.”

The training continues to teach how to break the cycle of behavior by incorporating school-wide positive behavior supports and ways that student transporters can create incentives for students.

ASPEN on the Bus also includes information on what goes wrong when it comes to managing student behavior as well as “the meat and potatoes of behavior management on the bus”.

Learn more about Springer and his background on the TSD Conference Speakers page and register for the conference.

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