Loan exchange with Austrian loan

Is your current loan expensive? Do you have to pay a lot each month for repayment? Do you simply want to leave expensive expenses behind and pay off a cheaper loan?

Get an Austrian loan to pay off your existing debt and pay much less monthly – or even in absolute terms! A credit swap is especially recommended if you are threatened with execution or have a personal, private, or merchandise loan with high interest rates.

You can also replace your mortgage!

You can also replace your mortgage!

Austrian loans offer a number of fantastic advantages over Hungarians, which you can use to get rid of your bad, expensive Hungarian loan and instead get a loan that you can repay more easily. How is it possible? What do Austrian banks offer?

While there is a lot of competition for new clients in Hungary (although this is now starting to decline and Hungarian banks are becoming less and less able to deposit money), in Austria you can get much better loans than you are without any competition. Let’s look at the details:

The Austrian loan for loan exchange is always mortgage-based and can be taken up on a residential property and any other real estate connected to it. Real estate can be anywhere in the country, of course, big-city or high-traffic (resorts) small-town, village real estate is best for the bank – as is the case in the market, in real life. The collateral for a loan swap is therefore a residential property, but any other real estate can be included if the home, apartment, etc. its value is below your expectations.

The property owner may be a minor!

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Another benefit is that you do not require proof of income at the time of the loan change and you do not have a KHR list for your Western neighbor, so you will definitely get a loan if you have sufficient collateral. The Austrian loan for redemption is almost always cheaper than the Hungarian loan.

On the one hand, the euro always makes the loan cheaper than the forint-based loan, but if you have a euro-based loan in Austria, an Austrian loan with a maximum interest rate of 7.1% can almost surpass it, or more precisely below.

The minimum amount you can take is € 20,000, or less if you owe it, you can freely use the remainder after you replace your old expensive loan. The preliminary credit assessment will arrive in Austria within a few hours, after which we will assist you in completing the loan. Leave us the job and you have nothing else to do to enjoy the benefits of your new Austrian credit.

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