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When you have to borrow a little larger amount, for example, SEK 200,000, it is often tempting to do this with the help of security, as this will, in turn, lead to lower interest expenses. Many people, therefore, try to back up new loans that they include, for example. It’s an existing mortgage. However, this is not always such a good idea, and it is not always the case, for that matter either. Then it may be necessary to take a bank loan, ie. borrow 200,000 kronor, or what amount you need now, instead. But is it really a good idea to take a blank loan at such a large amount? The answer is that it depends on what you compare to.

For example, blank loans always become more expensive than secured loans. If you are considering whether it would have been worthwhile to borrow SEK 200,000 as a mortgage loan instead of a bank loan, you will almost always think that would be the case, as interest rates on blank loans are higher than on mortgages and other loans with collateral.

On the other hand, the blank loan does not work in the same way as the mortgage loans, which can actually be an advantage in several different ways. Among other things, you get rid of your blank loan faster than you get rid of your loan with certainty, since especially mortgage loans often have really long repayment times, and this is, of course, something that many people appreciate.

Low credit loans online: No Call – No Fax Resources

If you want a loan as favorable as possible, it is important to compare. You can save a lot of money by comparing different loans, as both interest rates and fees vary considerably between different lenders. Here on the internet, it is common for lenders to offer tools that will help you get the actual monthly cost for the loan you have chosen. When you set the controls on the desired loan amount and loan period, you get the cost of the loan in question. You can change the repayment period, or loan amount, you can see how the cost of the loan is affected, and thus you can develop a loan that suits your particular finances.

The fact that you usually get the money faster than if you borrow from a physical bank is another advantage of seeking loans on the internet. If you want the money really fast, and also be able to compare loans, then it is best to apply for a loan here, online. Here you fill in an application for low credit loans online when it suits you, and you do not need to think about the bank’s opening hours. You often get answers directly on the screen and applying for loans online takes just a few minutes. The money can be paid as soon as you have signed the loan agreement, and many online lenders give the opportunity to sign the agreement electronically. If you sign electronically, by bank ID or other e-ID, the money can be paid out immediately.

Unsecured loans, benefits

You also risk not getting rid of something, such as his house or his car, if one cannot cope with the repayment on his blank loan. Which one actually does if you have a loan with a security, though everyone may not think about this.

There are therefore both advantages and disadvantages of blank loans at such large amounts, but in spite of this, we really urge anyone who reads this to only take blank loans on such large amounts if it is really necessary. Such a large blanket loan is, after all, a great burden on your personal finances, so one should never take such a loan for consumption or the like, although one sometimes hears of people who do so.


Also, do not forget that all blank loans of SEK 200,000 are not equivalent. Instead, there are both conditional and price differences, which are really not insignificant. One therefore increases the chances of finding a really good big blank loan radically by making a proper comparison of several different loans in this size class before applying for the loan. Read about more large loans at SEK 250,000 .

Borrow 200,000

Sometimes it happens that you need more money than you currently have. Perhaps it is something you must, or want, to buy or about unforeseen expenses that have come in. Nowadays, most people probably see a loan as the best and only option to get a supplement at the checkout. It is much more common to solve financial concerns with a loan today than it was before. The reason for this is both in the change that the loan market has largely undergone in recent years, and on all the various loans that are now in the supply.

The most important reason why we have changed our way of borrowing is probably that today there are loans for all needs and all situations. There are loans that are intended for different purposes, and which are adapted to these purposes.

If you only need a small supplement at the checkout and do not want to owe you for a long time, there are small quick loans online. Loans that are intended for everyday problems, and which are paid back quickly so you don’t have to be indebted. If you need a larger loan, and want to borrow SEK 200,000, there are of course other loans that apply. Of course, such a large one cannot pay back in a few months, and therefore you have to look for these loans in another category.

To seek loans online

But, it’s not just the number of loans that have increased. There have also been a large number of lenders, and most of them can be found online. This means that you have several different options to choose from if you want to borrow SEK 200,000. You can, of course, go to your regular bank to borrow the money, but you can also choose to apply for a loan from any of the lenders on the internet who offer loans of SEK 200,000. What alternative is the best one to apply for a loan online or with a regular bank? Yes, since it is about the same loan offered, it is to some extent a matter of taste how you want to do it. It is a private loan of SEK 200,000 you should have regardless of whether you are looking for them on the internet or at your local bank.

Private loan of SEK 200,000

Private loans, ie unsecured loans, are available from approximately SEK 15,000 and up to SEK 350,000. If you feel it is safest to borrow from a traditional bank, it may be good to know that most ordinary banks also offer loans via the Internet. So if you feel safer with a traditional bank, you can still choose to apply for loans online. And if we are to give advice, it is that there are actually a lot of advantages to applying for loans via the net.

There many lenders here, who have to compete for customers. And that competition usually means benefits for the consumer is not a secret. And of course, this also applies to loans. To compete for customers, they use the weapons they have, which in this case is interest, fees and conditions. Therefore, we recommend that you compare different loans before you decide. Here on the net, all loans are collected in one place, and it is easy and easy to compare interest rates and terms.

If you see it purely practical

If it does not matter so much if the loan is cheap or not, you can go to your local bank office and borrow SEK 200,000. Of course, you do not have the opportunity to compare different loans, but you simply have to settle for the interest and conditions that you offer. If you look at it practically, it is often more difficult to apply for a loan from a physical bank. You have to settle for when the bank is open and you have to get there both to apply for the loan and sign the agreement.

When you are going to borrow SEK 200,000, it is in the category of ordinary private loans you should look for. These loans cover most needs and therefore do not require you to borrow anything. The fact that you do not need to provide any security for the loan means that the interest rate is usually slightly higher because the borrower takes a greater risk.

Flexible and customizable loans

Here online there are both ordinary banks and other lenders offering a variety of loans. When you want to borrow SEK 200,000 , it is a common private loan you should have. Here are very flexible and customizable loans that you can tailor to your own needs and your financial conditions. You decide how large the loan should be, and you decide how long the repayment period you should have. A long repayment period gives lower monthly costs, but also a higher total cost for the loan, which is good to think about when you decide.

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How to choose a financial objective Mon, 23 Sep 2019 23:41:36 +0000

Many people often complain because they can’t save, they can’t save money for a long time and they usually end up spending the pesos on anything. If this is your case, perhaps it is because you do not have a financial objective.

Goal that you want to reach concerning your finances

Goal that you want to reach concerning your finances

A financial objective is defined as that goal that you want to reach concerning your finances. If you don’t have it, it’s like you’re running a marathon without knowing where exactly the goal is. The financial objectives can be short or long term and we can even have them in parallel.
For example: In the short term, we want to reach the end of the month with a balance of 10% of our salary, and in the long term we keep 5% of our salary monthly to join the car hitch we want to buy.

It does not mean that we cannot save


What happens when we don’t have a financial objective? It does not mean that we cannot save, but that we quickly lose the desire to do so because we do not have in perspective what it is that we want to achieve.

Suppose you want to buy a new car and want to do it by means of vehicle loans. Then, you must evaluate step by step what you will do to achieve this goal. The objective will have several steps: Maintain a good credit history, collect the down payment, obtain the credit and pay the fees.

Knowing the steps you must take to reach the goal 

Knowing the steps you must take to reach the goal 

Knowing the steps you must take to reach the goal will help you be motivated and maintain the savings you need for the hitch. In addition, that will meet the goals faster. You know, the important thing is to set a goal.

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After BGH judgment on loans: Banks do not pay back processing fees Fri, 20 Sep 2019 07:31:45 +0000

According to the judgment of the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) on the inadmissibility of administrative fees for consumer credit, many banks appear to be blocking repayment requests from their customers.

Which credit agreements are affected by the judgment is still controversial and will not be decided until October.

Consumer advocates and specialist lawyers for banking law criticize credit institutions for their restrictive approach to the treatment of repayment claims. The BGH had ruled that lump-sum processing fees for installment loans were inadmissible, since the processing of the application as well as the examination of the applicant’s creditworthiness was in the interest of the bank anyway. This must therefore be limited to interest.

The excuses of the banks

The excuses of the banks

The range of excuses from credit institutions to defend reimbursement claims is large, according to a Spiegel report. Some institutions insist on having warned borrowers about the charges. Others claim that the remuneration was negotiated individually and was therefore not affected by the BGH judgment, which had criticized the lump-sum nature of administrative fees.

Some institutions also argue that the charge was related to ancillary services related to the loan agreement, which would allow borrowers the right to suspend installments or restructure the current loan agreement at no additional cost.

What borrowers can do

What borrowers can do

Not surprisingly, banks speculate that a large proportion of borrowers with reimbursement claims will not assert them in the final analysis. If the bank rejects a request for the repayment of, for example, 400, only a small percentage of those affected will take legal action.

Consumer advocates advise affected bank customers therefore, after a rejection by their bank to contact the bank Obdun. Apparently there are complaints about treatment fees. So far, however, it is not foreseeable how the ombudsmen decide. In other questions, a complaint is very often worthwhile for consumers.

The meaning of the fee is overestimated

The meaning of the fee is overestimated

If a loan agreement has been concluded before 1 January 2011, banks generally refuse any repayment by referring to the period of limitation. Which period of limitation applies is not quite clear. Some consumer advocates consider it possible that the deadline may be ten years. Certainty will only bring a further judgment of the BGH expected in October.

By contrast, it is already certain that processing fees on the German credit market no longer play a role, but nothing important has changed at the same time. Banks have abolished their fees at the latest after the ruling of the BGH and replaced by a higher, nominal borrowing rate, so that the effective interest rate remained constant. Apart from reimbursement claims resulting from past contracts, the occasionally heated debate seems rather insubstantial.

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Which Credit Interest Which Is Most Profitable Fri, 20 Sep 2019 00:38:58 +0000

The thing that must be considered when you want to use bank credit is to see the available ceiling and the installments that you have to pay until finally paying off the loan. Many people who use credit don’t care about interest. Most people assume interest will be seen from the total payment minus the actual loan amount.

You are not aware that the type and method of calculating interest can affect the total value of the loan. Every credit actually has its own type of interest or between one and the other is not the same. So, it’s a good idea to find out what type of interest the bank has in advance so that you can find out what type of interest your credit is charged.

By knowing the types of interest, you can find out how much installments or installments you should pay and how long the loan can be repaid. Thus, you can better manage your finances. Basically, there are three types of interest imposed by lending banks. The three types are flat interest, effective interest, and annuity interest. The following is an explanation of the three types of flowers, namely:


Flat Flowers

loan amount

You must have got a vehicle loan offer brochure, if you notice there is a table containing the amount of the loan, the tenor of the loan and the amount of installments. Try to see in the installment column there, the amount of installments that you have to pay each month and with the same amount until the end of the credit period.

With consistent payment, it can be an indication that credit is offered to apply flat or flat interest rates. Each interest rate must have a different count, the flat rate of calculation is the easiest compared to the other two types of interest. In loans with flat interest the loan ceiling value and interest will be calculated proportionally according to the loan term or tenor. For example Anne Shirley will provide a case study:

Mr. Rennie proposed a KTA of Rp150 million with a credit period of 12 months, with a flat interest of 10%, how much installments should Mr. Rennie pay every month?

You only need to enter the data that is already on the calculator, then press count, then the results appear as below:

So, as you can see, from the calculation of the calculator, the installment debt repayment fund that must be packed by Rennie, is paid Rp. 13,750,000 per month. See the installment value that must be paid does not change and remains.


Effective Interest

Effective Interest

Another name for this type of effective interest is the sliding rate. Usually the use of this type of interest is applied to loans with a long time or tenor, for example when you apply for a Home Ownership Loan (KPR) or Apartment Ownership Credit (KPA).

Usually the effective interest rate is lower than the flat interest rate. Therefore, effective interest rates are more suitable for use in long-term loans. At flat interest, the creditor only calculates at the beginning of the loan to determine the installments, on loans with effective interest calculation will be carried out every month. This is because the remaining loans will decrease every month so it is necessary to recalculate. In order to better understand how to calculate effective interest, here is an example of a case that applies the use of this type of interest.

Mr. Rennie applied for a mortgage of IDR 150 million with a credit period of 12 months, with an effective interest rate of 10%, then how much installments should Mr. Rennie pay every month?

So as you can see, from the calculation of the calculator, the installment debt repayment fund that must be packed, Rennie pays each month, the first month is different than the second month. See the installment value that has to be paid every month and changes in the number.


Annuity Interest

Annuity Interest

This type of interest is a modification of the effective interest in order to make it easier for creditors to pay installments each month because of the same amount. Or in other words, this annuity interest makes the monthly installments paid always fixed but the composition of interest and principal installments change periodically. The principal installments per month will increase but at the same time the interest rate per month decreases.

This interest calculation makes the portion of interest in the initial loan become very large but slowly the portion will shrink at the end of the credit. One thing to know, the calculation formula is the same as the effective interest.

So as you can see, from the calculation of the calculator, the installment debt repayment fund that must be packed, Rennie pays each month, the first month is different than the second month, the same as the effective interest. See the installment value that has to be paid every month and changes in the number.


Determine and submit the appropriate interest

zero interest

After you know the various types of interest in the bank, you can predict and submit the right interest for you, choose the most profitable credit so that the chosen credit can run smoothly according to your capacity as a debtor.

Hopefully the above article is useful for you, so you can choose the right credit interest. Share your experience in applying for credit and don’t hesitate to ask because our financial planning will reply, send your comments and input in the comments column.

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15 Financial Tips for Newlyweds Fri, 23 Aug 2019 00:09:10 +0000 On a few occasions, a newly married couple stops to think about the financial aspect of their future life. And although it has very little romantic, it is a subject that needs to be studied and evaluated. Below we share some tips for newlyweds.

Recommendations for newlyweds and their finances

Recommendations for newlyweds and their finances


It is not about rules but advice that should be observed. Money matters are not easy to handle and it is good to acquire a bit of ease in handling.

  1. The couple should speak honestly and sincerely about money.
  2. It is a good idea to have two separate accounts and one joint .
  3. If a member of the dumbbell earns less, he should not be required to cover half of the expenses.
  4. Neither men nor women are providers by definition.
  5. Do not harbor grudges quietly, if it is money.
  6. If money is accepted from in-laws, there is a risk that they will intervene in married life.
  7. Bringing more money into the home does not make you boss or boss.
  8. Define together what are the priorities in terms of expenses (a mortgage loan, a vehicle loan, travel, home remodeling, etc).
  9. Respect the financial skills of one and the other (if any).
  10. Write together a list of dreams or financial goals.
  11. Start saving for your children’s college before they are born.
  12. Learn to communicate and share consumption habits from the beginning.
  13. Invest in insurance.
  14. If one has debts, attack them as a couple.
  15. Do not hide information such as income and expenses (it is not confidential).

Have finances that allow the creation of family well-being

Have finances that allow the creation of family well-being

When we create a family we are committing ourselves to many things. One is to have finances that allow the creation of family well-being that offers the best quality of life to the members of the family cell: the couple.

Winning separately and spending


Winning separately and spending separately leads to uncontrolles and power samples. Home is not when there are two: it is when they are one in execution and more than two in their sum.

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We are taking on more and more payday loans Sun, 28 Jul 2019 07:10:00 +0000

Borrowing has reached an unprecedented peak for five years: more and more people are turning to financial institutions for loans. The average amount of payday loan taken is over one million forints. The vast majority of Astro Finance customers apply for a payday loan online.

Lending gained momentum and Hungarians borrowed HUF 10.92 billion in May 2014, according to the bank. According to experts, the growing borrowing mood is related to the fact that for the first time since the outbreak of the economic crisis, the mood of the population in Europe has improved and Hungarians are more optimistic about their outlook than in recent years and plan to increase their consumption.

It hadn’t been like this for five years

It hadn

The rise is significant, as the crisis of confidence and the difficulty of repaying foreign currency loans prompted people to consider their plans for greater investment for the sake of financial security. However, the trend has now reversed: borrowing has not been as high as in May 2014 for five years.

“The good news is that people are increasingly confident that they will be able to pay back their borrowings by keeping their jobs and stabilizing their spending; this clearly explains why they dare to buy and borrow again, “said Duncan, Marketing Director of Astro Finance, who considers the increase in the number of borrowers as well as the increase in the amount of borrowed money a positive phenomenon. on average over one million forints at Astro Finance.

But what about a million?

But what about a million?

Most of the clients of Astro Finance Bank use this amount of the loan, about half of them apply for home renovation and decoration of their home. Even if they cannot afford to spend money on a new home, this amount can still bring about a qualitative change in their immediate environment: new coverings for the bathroom, replacement of kitchen furniture, doors and windows, modernization of the heating system.

Many, one-tenth of those applying for a loan, also finance a car purchase. One million if you don’t even get a new car, but a good used car comes out comfortably.

More and more Astro Finance customers are applying for loans through the online channel: online applications have doubled compared to last year. Without having to visit a branch, saving travel and queuing is a convenient and easy way for anyone to get a loan through the Astro Finance website.

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Loan exchange with Austrian loan Mon, 15 Jul 2019 00:54:37 +0000

Is your current loan expensive? Do you have to pay a lot each month for repayment? Do you simply want to leave expensive expenses behind and pay off a cheaper loan?

Get an Austrian loan to pay off your existing debt and pay much less monthly – or even in absolute terms! A credit swap is especially recommended if you are threatened with execution or have a personal, private, or merchandise loan with high interest rates.

You can also replace your mortgage!

You can also replace your mortgage!

Austrian loans offer a number of fantastic advantages over Hungarians, which you can use to get rid of your bad, expensive Hungarian loan and instead get a loan that you can repay more easily. How is it possible? What do Austrian banks offer?

While there is a lot of competition for new clients in Hungary (although this is now starting to decline and Hungarian banks are becoming less and less able to deposit money), in Austria you can get much better loans than you are without any competition. Let’s look at the details:

The Austrian loan for loan exchange is always mortgage-based and can be taken up on a residential property and any other real estate connected to it. Real estate can be anywhere in the country, of course, big-city or high-traffic (resorts) small-town, village real estate is best for the bank – as is the case in the market, in real life. The collateral for a loan swap is therefore a residential property, but any other real estate can be included if the home, apartment, etc. its value is below your expectations.

The property owner may be a minor!

money cash

Another benefit is that you do not require proof of income at the time of the loan change and you do not have a KHR list for your Western neighbor, so you will definitely get a loan if you have sufficient collateral. The Austrian loan for redemption is almost always cheaper than the Hungarian loan.

On the one hand, the euro always makes the loan cheaper than the forint-based loan, but if you have a euro-based loan in Austria, an Austrian loan with a maximum interest rate of 7.1% can almost surpass it, or more precisely below.

The minimum amount you can take is € 20,000, or less if you owe it, you can freely use the remainder after you replace your old expensive loan. The preliminary credit assessment will arrive in Austria within a few hours, after which we will assist you in completing the loan. Leave us the job and you have nothing else to do to enjoy the benefits of your new Austrian credit.

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