15 Financial Tips for Newlyweds

On a few occasions, a newly married couple stops to think about the financial aspect of their future life. And although it has very little romantic, it is a subject that needs to be studied and evaluated. Below we share some tips for newlyweds.

Recommendations for newlyweds and their finances

Recommendations for newlyweds and their finances


It is not about rules but advice that should be observed. Money matters are not easy to handle and it is good to acquire a bit of ease in handling.

  1. The couple should speak honestly and sincerely about money.
  2. It is a good idea to have two separate accounts and one joint .
  3. If a member of the dumbbell earns less, he should not be required to cover half of the expenses.
  4. Neither men nor women are providers by definition.
  5. Do not harbor grudges quietly, if it is money.
  6. If money is accepted from in-laws, there is a risk that they will intervene in married life.
  7. Bringing more money into the home does not make you boss or boss.
  8. Define together what are the priorities in terms of expenses (a mortgage loan, a vehicle loan, travel, home remodeling, etc).
  9. Respect the financial skills of one and the other (if any).
  10. Write together a list of dreams or financial goals.
  11. Start saving for your children’s college before they are born.
  12. Learn to communicate and share consumption habits from the beginning.
  13. Invest in insurance.
  14. If one has debts, attack them as a couple.
  15. Do not hide information such as income and expenses (it is not confidential).

Have finances that allow the creation of family well-being

Have finances that allow the creation of family well-being

When we create a family we are committing ourselves to many things. One is to have finances that allow the creation of family well-being that offers the best quality of life to the members of the family cell: the couple.

Winning separately and spending


Winning separately and spending separately leads to uncontrolles and power samples. Home is not when there are two: it is when they are one in execution and more than two in their sum.

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